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 Hi there! My name is Sonia, i live in Madrid, Spain and im a freelancer expert in CX, Customer centricity and Cultural Change.

So good to be part of this community!

Thank you for taking me on



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G’day All

My name is Evelyn and I have a passion for Family History. I thought of using Miro to share my expertise.

This social-distancing is giving me ample time to sit down and learn something new, hence my wandering into the Miro Community. I am still trying to understand how I can best do this. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I am only on the free plan as all my spare money goes into genealogy costs.

Ways I have thought of using Miro

  1. Show my contacts how I arrived at my conclusions, that may differ from theirs.
  2. Brainstorming the proverbial Brick Wall. 
  3. Educating others so they too can enjoy knowing about their Family History.
  4. Showing that Family History is more than Genealogy

After 40 years of experiencing I think I have enough that I can share. Now it is just learning new skills, as much has changed in the way things are done.

Personally I live alone with a cat. Not my cat, my youngest daughter’s cat. The kitten she had to have but left home without it. The cat and I are best suited with each other. Rather narky at times but we come together when it suits for quiet moments of contemplation or watching TV. A couple of years ago I did a Diploma of Family History online through the University of Tasmania. The certificate hangs on the wall behind the door to show I do know something.

I live in Wanneroo Western Australia, which is a northern suburb of the capital Perth. At present and maybe at least for the next 6 months, the state is in lock down from physical contact with the rest of the world. Although that doesn’t make much difference, as Perth is titled the most isolated city in the world (google it). Other claims are: It is the windiest city in Australia. It is also considered to be the third windiest capital city in the world. Perth is also the sunniest city in Australia. We only have a maximum of 8 days a year where the sun doesn’t shine.

Thanks Marina for the Welcome

Cheers everyone

Stay Safe and Well

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I am Mona Murad 

From Egypt

Fellow Expert Educator

Hi community

Innovation strategy consultant and entrepreneur (online language school, craft beer + a couple of others) here, and have been doing it for a long time so personally responsible for hundreds of thousands of post-it notes to be recycled and bucket loads of used sharpies - this is better!

Reasonably experienced using the ‘other whiteboarding tool’ and getting up to speed with Miro now too

Always happy to connect on

Stay safe everyone,


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Hiiii all :grinning:

my name is Donia » from Egypt :flag_eg:  I'm an Active Deep Learner eXperience Designer 

So, excited to be here with this great community of innovation & ideation. It has been 1 month since we started using Miro at work then we changed all our work & design trainings here at Miro. 

we used to work with more than 18 countries & nationalities. So, spreading Miro’s culture along our learning journeys was really beneficial.

Hello from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. I’m a swimming coach and publisher helping on some web projects with friends. Love to work on sportsmanship and teamwork with inter-city kids, including lifeguard training, water polo and a disk-based game called SKWIM. 


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Hi :wave:  everyone! 
My name is Peter and I’m Coach4Agile form Cologne / Bonn area in Germany.

I discovered Miro just in time before COVID-19 lockdown - so I have a great solution at hand for online collaboration while at home.

Other than that I support my kids home schooling right now…:nerd:

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Nicholas Brown of Second Wind Consultants.

Like many, our company recently went full-time remote for the first time. Whiteboards are critical element of our workflow and we found ourselves scrambling for a solution when we were all of a sudden unable to share the same space. Enter Miro. After testing out some of the options available, it became apparent very quickly that Miro not only solved our whiteboard conundrum but offered a whole slew of opportunities for collaboration, project management, and record keeping. The functionality is amazing. Within a week of integrating Miro into the company workflow, I found myself upselling Miro to an old friend who works at another consulting firm, who also just happened to be in the market for a digital whiteboard solution. Unsurprisingly, they are now Miro users as well.

Keep up the good work.

Next step is to get Miro integrated with Salesforce. Wish me luck… I hate Salesforce. 

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Hello from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. I’m a swimming coach and publisher helping on some web projects with friends. Love to work on sportsmanship and teamwork with inter-city kids, including lifeguard training, water polo and a disk-based game called SKWIM. 


Hello Mark,

in the 80’s and in the 90 we’ve been there in Pittsburgh.

And in both times we have been in Crafton in the swimming pool near where our friends lived.

We had a good time over there.


Hey Team 👋


I focus on delivering high value pronunciations of the word “Miro” every morning (jokes, still have no idea). But other than that, I head up the Performance marketing devision for Hype Digital 🚀 A global PPC & CRO agency focused on helping clients make more money, and helping to educate and inspire like-minded passionate marketers/optimisers like ourselves - Grow Together 🙌


We’re using Miro to build out our marketing funnels and CRM workflows. We’ve tried many other “whiteboard” like platforms (mindmap etc), but this has definitely stuck with the team. Hope to be sharing more and more insights from a paid advertising (ecommerce, lead generation, app installs) side of things and hopefully gaining some insight myself. Going to be adding some workflows to our blog over the next couple of weeks. 


Stay Safe (indoors),

Cam from Hype 🤝



Hi Everyone,

Great to be here.  Have just started with Miro. Am a mentor and investor in startups. Was looking for a white boarding tool which is easy to use . Saw an ad in twitter for Miro and here I am.

Plan to use Miro for business model validation , OKRs and tracking progress of founding teams that I support. I live in Kolkata , India . Looking forward to learning and sharing.


Thank you

In loving service,



The world in one family - Vasudaiva Kutumbakam 


Hi All,

My name is Pierre. I am a lean coach in IT and I really love Miro. It helps me really to develop very productive visual management.

I just tried the API to build standard visual management from scratch to speed up the setup of Miro boards I uses with the team I am coaching.


Hi everybody,

I’m Roberta, from Rome. I’m a qualitative market researcher and, due to the COVID-19 emergency, I needed a platform to run my researches - interviews and focus group discussions - remotely. I was looking for something able to be user friendly and complete at the same time and, after having considered some solutions, I found in Miro the most astonishing one. I really love the possibilities it gives and its creative sparkle. Looking forward to using it for my job.

Best wishes and “Go Miro heroes!”

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Hello, I’m Olivier Gaume, France.
I teach mathematics to students from 15th to 18th.

I’m very grateful to Miro which has granted to me an my colleagues  of Lycee Edgar Faure Morteau an educational account .
Since more than a month, during this terrible periode of pandemic, I use miro boards daily with my students. I share the link with them to the board prepared before the different lessons. Then during virtual courses they can follow the explanations very precisely and nicely. The are very fond of it because it is is very clear and nice settled.

I can share my experience with other and especially french languages persons.

SI vous souhaitez partager vos experiences avec moi vous êtes les bienvenus(es).

Be safe all of you

Thanks Olivier

Hello Miro Community! This platform is great for many reasons. The two that really pop for me are #1 the vast possibilities, and #2 it's a new way to work. It's cool. It's fun. It's energizing.

Our agency just started using Miro and we are going all in. It will be the driver of 10 workshops with a new client starting later this week and running for the next four weeks. I will report back and let you know how it worked out.

Let's connect and share ideas. All the best!

Duffy Agency

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Hi everyone!


My name is Philani


I am a founder and Digital Strategy Director of a Digital Consultancy based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We focus on  Digital Strategy development, Design Thinking, Digital Transformation Consulting and building platforms.

I’m new to MIro. I am interested in building competency that can help me explore new ways of working. I want to increase productivity in remote teams that are work with based in 3 countries. 


Looking forward to learning and contributing in this forum. 


A colleague and I after a strategy planning session.


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Hi! I’m Joe. I am a product manager with the online dating community OkCupid. I live in NYC and use Miro for white boarding, mind mapping, and process flows. Really love your app and can’t wait to see what you rollout over the next couple of months.

Hello everybody,

My name is Régis, I live in Switzerland where I belong to a tribe of agile coaches. For ourselves and as well for our clients we are discovering the power of Miro and we are enthusiastic about the value it can bring.

Greetings from beautiful Oregon! I’m excited to be part of the community and learning more about Miro. While I’ve just started my consulting business in Operations, Customer Support and Organizational Development, I’m excited to see how Miro can help me in our virtual world. While I wasn’t thinking virtual before the pandemic, I’m super excited to see that we’ve reduced our impact on the environment by 40%. I’m hopeful that by doing my part to minimize travel and work remotely we can continue the trend.

My first usage of Miro is how to help employees find meaning and purpose at work. I’m excited to learn from others about this tool.

Ruth, BeMapic


Hi everyone!  My name is Mike Owens, I am the Process Excellence (continuous improvement) lead for Otis Elevator’s global HR Shared Services organization.  So far we have primarily used Miro for process mapping kaizen events and X-matrix strategy sessions.  Everyone I have shown Miro to at Otis loves it and every day someone finds another use for it.

No pets, but here’s a picture of the quote that drives my Continuous Improvement philosophy:



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Hi folks.

I am a Miro newbie. Like less than 24 hours of experience. But I’m having fun so far…  I am an old guy with a deep conviction that the wisdom of the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. A large part of my life’s work has been dedicated to helping groups of people discover their collective wisdom about matters that are important to them, enabling them to make wise decisions and take wise actions. But now (and I am sure everyone knows what I mean by ‘now’) this needs to be done virtually. Never having feared technology, and with decades of virtual team work across multiple time zones, I am happy to dive into what is possible. But it is still a rather steep learning curve--and I am especially concerned for the various client groups with whom I work, many of whom are neither confident or very competent working virtually.

Oh yeah--almost forgot. I am a single-shingle consultant, residing off-grid in the bush in Yukon, Canada.  At the moment I am trying to find out if it is possible to make a Wordle-like word cloud in Miro.  Expect I have a great deal to learn from this community. And hopefully able to add a bit of my own wisdom from time to time.

(Picture is from Tombstone Territorial Park, here in Yukon. A favourite place.)


Hi everyone, I’m Seb! 

I live in New York City and work for PwC in a group called The Difference. My team designs and facilitates different kinds of collaborative interventions, both in-person and, now more than ever, virtually. I’m using Miro to design, prepare, build, and execute sessions for clients and have LOVED using the tool so far. I’m excited to grow my skills and learn from the Miro community.

Hello everybody!

My name is Andrey. For 15 years I was a teacher at the Aerospace Faculty :rocket: of  university. I taught students how to create planes and helicopters. At this time, he himself was also engaged in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles and other iron gizmos :robot: . I worked in teams with students, professors and specialists from large industrial companies. During this time I have gained enormous experience working on projects. There were failures, but I can be proud of a couple of projects.

Three years ago, together with partners, we created the "Korpus" IT community in Chelyabinsk. We gathered young guys and experienced entrepreneurs from our city to create startup teams. Now we realized that people from all over the world can be our like-minded people. If you like our idea, write to me. Together we will definitely come up with something.

We have several interesting projects in the "Korpus" in the field of medicine :mask: , advertising and synthetic media :nerd: . One of them is developed on the basis of the Miro platform. I will talk about him a little later in another topic.

I am very happy to be in the circle of like-minded Miro.

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Hi there, I’m Don McIntyre from Scotland. I wear three ‘hats’ and have started to use Miro extensively in each of them;

  1. Design Director with the Innovation School at Glasgow School of Art - we’re using Miro with students to support design research projects and community engagements.
  2. Design Director with the Digital Health and Care Institute - which is one of  Scotland eight Innovation Centres. We have been heavily involved with the development of systems and applications to support citizens during the Cov19 crisis and I feel I’m living in Miro at the moment. Aspects of Scotland’s proposed approach to the track and trace app (among others) were collaborated on and designed using Miro.
  3. Creative Lead with Chess Digital - a Microsoft focused software development house. In recent weeks Miro has been the goto tool for Requirements Gathering. 

It’s great to be part of the community. Miro is a breath of fresh air in a world of bloated and unintuitive software packages. 

don :-) 




My name is Alex,

I am a visual artist and also I work as a Director of Software. I’m based in Mexico City.

I just love miro! I found it a year ago, and now I use it to plan my photo shootings and all my agile mentoring with employees and customers.

Miro is one of my favorite tools!

Now with COVID-19 situation, I use miro with my teams and customers to collaborate and improve our products. 


Great work! Keep the fun going!