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Hi everyone! 

My name is Vlada and I am a Customer Support Representative here at Miro. Helping our excellent Miro users and making their experience with Miro easier and friendlier is my everyday pleasure! :lollipop:

I use Miro regularly in my workflow and personal life and will be happy to share the best tips & tricks. :blush:

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Hi everyone!  

My name is Patricia and I am a Product Solutions architect for Boomi but I also teach part-time as an adjunct professor of Product Innovation at the VCU da Vinci Center.  I am here to learn more fun ways to use Miro both in the workplace and in the classroom.

Looking forward to connecting and learning from you all.


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Hi Miro-ites. I work at an independent schol in Washington DC and am always on the lookout for interesting EdTech tools.  Recently, I’m doing a deeper dive into Miro as I thought of it as just a whiteboard tool.  It is MUCH more.  I also think it has great potential in K12 with a few tweaks.

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Hello Miro Community! 👋🏻

My name is Hannah Kopytko and I am a technology instructor at my provincial Polytechnic. 🎓 

Prior to my career as an educator, I worked as a systems developer and lived on my Miro boards.  Miro was introduced to me by @Robert Johnson (hi Rob!) when we were working together and I was forever changed. I was opened to a world of online collaboration like never before!


As a creative individual with a background in design, I was naturally attracted to Miro.  The intuitive design, colourful objects, and powerful features give me the freedom to visualize complex ideas with ease (and easily impress anyone I am presenting to!).  I now use Miro in the classroom and encourage students to check it out whenever they can as I feel it is a vital tool for our modern industry. 

I joined this community in hopes to connect with like-minded individuals and expand my knowledge and skillset with Miro.  Outside of Miro and work I enjoy cooking 🍳, gaming🎲, reading📚, and gardening🌱. Looking forward to connecting with you all!


Hannah Banana 

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Hi all,

My name is Bülent and I am running a small org design & development practice - offering guidance for strategic initiatives.

Explored many areas before settling on OD&D, including Product Mng, UX and Innovation. I’m excited to discover Miro and eventually to become a power user for facilitating remote workshops. Currently, I’m exploring multiple tools for remote workshops & meetups - as this is an increasingly important need for my clients and for working with them.

Looking forward to contributing to the community and to participating to the webinar later today.
Have a great week!

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Hi Everyone

I work for a cultural consultancy in the UK. We write cultural strategies for local authorities, business plans for festivals and offer governance advice to arts organisations - to list just a few areas of our work. Using online tools more and more - even before the COVID-19 crisis, but now with lockdown in the UK still in force and clients overseas as well, I am very interested to find out more about miro and how it will help us facilitate our usual World Cafe workshop consultations.

Look forward to sharing experiences and expertise.

Best wishes

Kim Hart

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I am Gebhard, the owner of GB KOMMUNIKATION GmbH in Germany.

My colleagues and I support companies in their efforts to overcome issues with formal hierarchies by leveraging the competence of self-management.

We love using Miro to design, facilitate, and document complex, multi-month processes for everyone to benefit from. Specifically, we enjoy using Miro for group decision-making.


Miro Board for a strategy process


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Hi, This is Blanca. I love Miro not only because is a "good visual collaboration tool" but because it's always improving and the whole company all the process are customer-centric.. welcome and onboarding us.. like this first amazing call to action "say hello to the community".. you are amazing..

Miro is more than a tool.. I can see all the “new” techniques to make the perfect tool.. a strong community engagement by gamification drivers like “leader boards” etc.. amazing..

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Hello everyone

I am Hugues, a young VR developer currently working on a startup project

Miro may have been the best online tool I've ever come across for my own work. It has become in large part the second brain where I think out loud visually & organise nearly all my work & notes

Its become an essential tool for me and everyone I work with gets to discover it^^


Looking forward to continuing this visual journey with you all!

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Hellooo, Mirobro:wave_tone2:

My name is Lera and I am a UX Researcher and Product Manager. (looking for new job now;)) Also I have experience of my oun business (hairsalon).

I'm excited to see all of you, creative person! I huge lover of Miro, usually use it for research projects, brainstorm, facilitation session or some group activity.

Personally I love travel, have a camperVan, love activity and people, all the time I’m happy meet new people!

Text me here or in Linkedin 👍🏻

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Hi Miro adventurers!

I’m Rohi from India. I’m a doctor, writer, editor and meditation coach.

I discovered Miro a few days ago and still learning how to use it. One of my goals is to use Miro to write a series of short and fun nonfiction books on different aspects of meditation and self-development.

I hope to connect with other writers and share tips and tricks.

*One of my immediate questions: What are the areas in which Miro is better than Microsoft Word?*

Many smiles and much metta,

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Hello everyone! Nice to e-meet you :raised_hands:

My name is Chiara, I live & work as a Management Consultant in Milan - Italy. I’ve been a Miro user for one year now and I’m truly happy and excited to be part of this Community. I’ve been using Miro for online hackatons, user journey mapping, brainstorming and ideas creation. I really appreciate the versatility of the platform and the possibility to learn new ways to use it everytime. I would also like to know if there are more italians here :flag_it: we are working on setting up the italian chapter so stay tuned!

Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin



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Hi Everyone,


I’m Tracy and I lead strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation & learning at the global conservation and rescue nonprofit IFAW.  We have been using Miro very successfully this past year for online meetings and workshops, and hope to learn how to do even more with the tool.  Glad to be a part of this community and learn from all of you as well!




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Hello Miro Community!

I’m an curious user managing a team of sales and business developers!

I like to understand and be an expert in using Miro without using a lot of time learning or training, which of course is a challenge….. :) 

Love to utilize smart functions in collaborating with customers and Company teams and users, through daily collaboration and also through interesting workshops, where we utilize Miro’s capabilities.

Looking forward to learn and maybe some day, contribute :)



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Hi everybody! My name is Fabio, I am an Innovation Manager and management consultant specialized in Product Development, Digital Transformation and Lean Design.
I work on many platforms, but I have a penchant for iPad. That is way I am always looking for the smartest apps around. you think I came in the right place?

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Hello Miro Community! 👋🏼


I’m Rach, a Success Coach for Trainual. Miro is one of my favorite tools at work! The collab, design, function, features → just Boss for project management. Looking forward to contributing to the community.


Happy Day Everyone! 🎉



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Hello everyone, my name is Renato, live in São Paulo/Brasil. Despite my user is not new here, I am a fresh user and started my journey with Miro 4 days ago, so far, so good.

Anyway, if you want to talk about culture, music, movies, and tech, do not hesitate, just send me a message. Netflix and Amazon Prime series hijack my attention as well.


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I’m a business coach, practicing out of Southampton, UK. I’m experienced in the high performance space (ie Brendon Burchard, CHPC), and in addition to this kind of coaching I specialise in Emotional Intelligence skill upgrades and in Mindset upgrades!

It would be great to collaborate with others in the Miro community. I have followed the work of Frederic Laloux since around 2015, and just love his concepts of self management, collaboration, teal organisations, etc. I truly believe we each carry a super power which is magnified when we work with and along side others. 

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👋 Hi everyone! I’m Marissa, I recently joined Miro as the new Community Lead over programs for professional service providers (PSPs), such as the Miro Professional Network (MPN) and Miro Experts. 

🔨 I’m currently working to redevelop the MPN and Experts programs to bring PSPs an improved member experience, better benefits, and brand new digital community channels where you can connect directly with one another and with us (the Miro team!).

🚀 I’m so excited to be here and get to know all of you! I can’t wait to build something incredible together! 💪

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Hi everyone, my name is Dharmalingam from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I’m a newbie to Miro, having used it at a few online community events. I am currently using it during our Zoom family meetings when seven of us siblings in various countries meet to catch up with each other. Thanks to Miro, I’ve been able to deepen our discussions by using sticky notes and brainstorming to discuss ideas. Our latest project is to create a timeline of our family’s past - without the sticky notes and the Miro board, we wouldn’t be able to do it.

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Hi! My name is Carlos,


I’m the Director of a Creative Agency called Mazzima based in Spain. I’m interested in the development of the design thinking and mind mapping. MIRO has an excelent tool for our Agency combined with ASANA, Slack & Dropbox. Now in the Pandemic era the homeworkers use this tool to our brainstormings and was really useful.


Outside my Agency i’m interested in Design, Music, and Food. Everyone can see more on my Instagram


I like the minimalism style of Dieter Rams & Mies Van Der Rohe and the combination with the necessary sustainability of our society for now and the future.



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Hi everyone

I am Suhaila -  Su from Terengganu, Malaysia.  I am a Software Application Trainer for MS Office and productivity tools.  Mother of 3 beautiful children, loves to cook, sing and surfing the net - shopping of course.  I work in my own company and last year I was introduced to Miro by a facilitator through a course for training engagement activities.  I fall in love with it the minute he showed it in that virtual training.  Wow! And starting from there, I started using it, learning more about it in the Miro Webinars and academy. So, hope to share and learn from everyone here too… take care & stay safe.. bye!

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Hi Everyone!! Hope your all doing well!!

Im Shane and i work as a Learning and Development Partner for an Agile consultancy based in Yorkshire (UK) 

Most of my career has been in delivering engaging face-to-face learning experiences and workshops. However, when the pandemic hit i found myself trying to replicate that same immersive experience digitally and for awhile it was tough……….I then came across Miro and it really did change the way i deliver my sessions! although i’m still a huge fan of face-to-face i’m also now a fan of using Miro. 


Im happy to connect and talk to anyone with interests in either learning and development and/or Agile project management.  

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Hello everyone !

I’m François and i’m french if you didn’t see it with my name ;)
I’m working as Product Owner in an IT firm and definitely love Miro for all the possibilities it offers!

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Hi everyone,

I am Amal and I am a postdoc researcher. I started using Miro for personal project management and summarizing my reading. I like its seemingly infinite nature :). I did not use it for collaborative work yet, but it is something I would like to try at some point.