I love that Ctrl + A (select all) does not zoom out the board to show all selected objects

  • 3 December 2021
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This used to be such a hassle for me - I would think I’d double-clicked in to an object so I can begin text then editing and quickly hit Ctrl + A, only to find that the double click was a little off and I’m zoomed out to see the entirety of my board. Took some amount of time to zoom back in. Love that my zoom and viewport does not change, per a recent update.

I recognize the feature’s been in place for a while now, just want to give a shout out to its application. Thank you for this adjustment! This kind of iterative quality of life stuff is the best.


Another small quality-of-life improvement just occurred to me that I equally want to shout out - if editable text is bold, it won’t revert to regular weight when deleting all characters in the string or object. Fully deleted text used to un-bold, at which point I’d have to turn bold back on. This was updated a little longer back, just as appreciated.

2 replies

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Thank you so much for this feedback, @Kyle Chipman! I’ve shared it with the relevant team, they are very happy :blush:

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@Kyle Chipman - Thanks for sharing :)

For any readers who are curious how they can zoom to fit/show all on a board, the shortcut is Ctrl/Cmd + 1. You can also achieve this by right-clicking on a blank spot on a Miro board and selecting “Show all”.