Ungrouping a big Group PRESERVES the smaller nested groups there were within it

  • I have a small group made of 5 items and another made of 3, I have 2 groups.
  • If I put them together I have a bigger group that contains both.
  • If I ungroup it I lose my other 2 smaller groups.
  • Every object is free on it’s own and I have to manually recreate everything.


  • It can be really useful, for example, if I create any type of custom shapes (e.g.: for a particular workshop)
  • It can be useful if I create custom icons
  • It can be useful if I creates groups of stiky notes that I cant to move around together because they are related, but suddenly I realise one smaller group need to actually be set aside.
    Probably this is not an innovating idea, but is a very functional one.


I agree - the current implementation of the ungroup function needs to be changed.

I have created a group of say 3 forms, copied that about 100 times and grouped them into larger groups of 10 -15 shapes which I again grouped all together. Once I ungrouped the large group I expected the ungrouping to occur only on the first level as it would in Powerpoint. However, every last small form was ungrouped so I need to manually piece all the groupings back together. This is hugely annoying and a time killer.

Yes definitely need groups of groups just like Powerpoint or most other applications that allow grouping these days.

Not being able to group and ungroup groups is very annoying! It seems an easy fix...

This feels like an evolutionary step that the software should be taking VERY soon!


What is even worse than this behavior though, is that when you Lock a bunch groups of objects together (as opposed to locking each group individually) it acts just like a grouping action. So if you then ‘unlock’ those objects to make one edit, all of your NESTED groups are now ungrouped.


It’s hard to build complex diagrams and forms without using grouping/locking and when you try to nest groups of smaller objects it is incredibly inefficient to have to go back and recreate all the groups. It is likely we’ll use a separate vector based software (which correctly handles nested groups) for these type of diagrams until Miro can fix it.

Yes, nested groupings would be very valuable for efficient work within Miro. 

Groups are virtually useless in their current state. Delete an item from a group and the group is automatically ungrouped. Get with it Miro!

We need nested grouping. Just like in the tools like Adobe Illustrator. There’s hierarchical structure in grouping. If you start with a small group of two objects(A and 😎, then group with C. That’s two tiers of grouping. The large group contains A, B, C, then there’s a smaller grouping contains A and B. Ungrouping will first ungroup the large group, but A and B are still grouped. This is especially helpful when I’m doing flow diagraming and wire framing. In my 3rd year of using Miro, still doesn’t have this tiered grouping feature. Common Miro! Don’t let FigJam to figure this out first. 

Yes please!

This would be a great update, it is such a pain in the but when creating custom shapes or groups.

Absolutely need this. 

Pretty disappointed this is not a feature already

Still not implemented :(