Switching between accounts

Hi there,

Now you have the switching between teams. 
However, it’s related only to the teams inside of the one profile. 

In my specific case, I use two profiles: one is work-related, and the second one is personal. 
The solution I find right now is to work with the professional profile in the Mac OS app, while for personal needs, I use the browser version. It works, but it’s not a perfect option. Sometimes, when I need to copy-paste some of my templates from the board in one profile to the board in another - I struggle because it’s just impossible to do. 

The reference here can be Slack with the team spaces that can be joined with different emails.


Best regards,
Egor Kurguzov.

I feel you! I have three... Please make account switching faster and easier! It’s the only thing that continually frustrates me when using Miro.

I do agree this idea.

Miro is very nice and I recommend Miro in many communities.
As a result, I have many accounts and sometimes feel inconvenient with account switching.

I think Slack has a good switcher, and you can better switcher on Miro, Please make it realized.

+1 for Slack-like account/workspace switching!

Agreed. I’m enrolled in some educate related boards (personal) that uses Miro and I have a 2nd account at work (Teams). Switching would be helpful as I don’t want to mix my school and professional work

I’m on the same page as you! Please help us Miro :sob:

I struggle with that as well a lot. I have 4 different login credentials now. I have to switch between same daily.

I do agree with your idea!

I have three accounts and I am always switching these accounts by login & logout which takes a time little bit… Hope miro improves this experience!

Same. I have a professional account and I’ve recently started a new account for a volunteer organization I work with. I’d ideally set up two additional accounts, but the switching makes it easer for me to use Miro for one and Mural for the other.

Please please please make this happen. I know you probably think that it won’t affect anything on the retention side, and there’s probably some chance of cannibalising revenue if you allow this… I’m on a Consultant plan for my personal account & on a Enterprise plan at work, and even if I were to invite my work account to my personal team, that would require me to pay up. Extra $15 so far not worth the pain of switching between accounts.

Viva Miro, Same here :grinning::ok_hand_tone2:

+1, logging out and logging back in is a pain. Incognito mode, also a pain.



+1, logging out and logging back in is a pain. Incognito mode, also a pain.

Three separate browsers and the Miro desktop app for my four account profiles is also a pain 😉

Hey Miro,
this is really a must have for people collaborating with other people of more than one organisation. We need a possibilty for superfast  account switching or an app that has the possibility to have more than one account active at the same time.

A collaboration tool should make it easy to collaborate, not just inside one box at a time.

See also (Needs to be merged) https://community.miro.com/wish-list-32/multiple-users-easy-account-switch-2171

now I’m using my organizational account on the Microsoft edge & the personal account on the Mac app.:rolling_eyes: so I need this feature too. :sweat_smile:

I would love the ability to sign in with multiple Miro accounts (work and personal) and be able to easily toggle/switch between them without having to constantly sign in and out.

One work around I have discovered for myself is to work with personalized Google Chrome accounts (if you are Google based). This allows you to have different Google Chrome browsers with different accounts running at the same time. 

On the IPAD the situation is quite different.  Here I go through the process of registration / login.
My suggestion: Develop an account switch tool like Google already uses for some applications. Just swipe up or down on the profile picture and you are in another account.

Does anyone from Miro team read this?
Or are we end users just complaining to each other - so that we let off steam?

BTW by me, switching doesn’t work any more. No matter how I try, I’m always landing at the same account. Even in an incognito window, when I type in the user name and password of account “B”, I still get logged in with account “A”.

Dear miro Team,

can we have this prioritized in your backlog please! It is a hassle :confounded:


I need to strongly agree with this. I’ve recently discovered how Miro has deeply benefited my problem solving ability at work and I’d like to apply to those gains to my personal life as well. Unfortunately without easy account switching on the iPad app (which I find to be my favorite interface to Miro), that friction nudges me into just sticking with one.

This would be an extremely helpful feature for me, Especially if I am embedded on teams that I recommend use Miro and I am part of their teams with an email address they provide me. 

I use google sign on between my two work accounts. in the mac app, I don’t even get the option to pick which google account, it automatically logs into one so am forced to use the other in a browser! Definitely agree with this thread. 

I absolutely agree with the idea, would be awesome to easily switch between accounts. Just want to comment on taking inspiration from Slack:

They had a really horrible account infrastructure for many years. Remember the days when workspace and account had a 1-1 relation? If you were in 3 different workspaces and used the same email on all 3, you still had 3 separate accounts! One for each workspace. 😅

It required many years and a huge effort for Slack to get out of that hellhole. Those sort of infrastructural changes takes a lot of time.

What I'm trying to say is that I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this to be solved in Miro, because it would probably require infrastructural changes. Probably not as big as Slack, but still significant. 😇

Dear Miro Team,

Do you have any updates or estimation when this will be possible?

I was just about to upgrade to a paid plan, however I am already logged into multiple teams with a work email and now I probably wouldn’t be able to log in with my business email.. so.. I probably won’t upgrade just yet..

Yes, I would just be satisfied for now if the login worked better. WIth two different “sign with google” accounts. It gets stuck on one account, and even if I log off and try to sign with the other it can’t seem to switch.