Only view cursor of person I am following

When I select a user to follow on the board, I DON’T want to see EVERYONE’S cursors, but I DO want to see only the cursor of the user I am following.

And the board owner could designate a board host/presenter and all attendees could choose to only see the current presenter's cursor.

I ran into this a few weeks ago with a Miro webinar with 100+ people in the board, but I only wanted to see the presenter's cursor (who was not the board owner).

Spotlight/Laser-pointer - for Board owner in workshops

Hi, when using Miro for workshops some delegates find it really distracting to see all the contributors cursors, so they turn this off in the settings. I assume this means the board owner cursor disappears too. It would be great if there were a way for the board owner (workshop leader) to use something other than the ‘name’ cursor to draw attention to items on the board. Like the ‘Spotlight’ in annotate on zoom, or Laser-pointer in PowerPoint. 

+1 great idea. When I bring everyone to me I want them to focus on my cursor. And to have the facilitator have a more prominent arrow or pointer. 

How do I bring everyone to me?

@Enap CGEXE -

when there are multiple participants active on a board, click on your avatar in the top right area (next to the Share button) and select “Bring everyone to me”. This is covered in the help center article.


Any news concerning the spotlight/laser pointer feature? I really appreciate this functionality in Powerpoint and it would be very helpful to have it in Miro too.

The possibility to change your cursor to a spotlight/laser pointer feature would be really beneficial! Any thoughts about updating Miro with this?

In a workshop with 50 people right now. Following the presenter in Miro and only want to see their cursor, but have to watch the 15 other people who like to move their cursor to follow the presenter’s cursor.