Make auto-layout be able to retain the sequence of stickies

If I create a sequence of stickies by, inside a frame, creating 1 sticky then hitting Tab to create the next over and over, the I end up with a long snake-track of stickies in boustrophedon order, going left-to-right on 1 row, then right-to-left on the next and so on.

If I then use the auto-layout grab handle, it will organise the layout, but lose the sequence. So if I have:

A snake-track of stickies, connected by arrows. Top row is left-to-right 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; second row is right-to-left 6, 7, 8

, then use the grab handle to turn the layout into a rectangle, I end up with:

The same stickies organised into a rectangle. The bottom row is no longer in order, reading (left-to-right) 5 8 7 6. The arrows connecting 4 to 5 and 5 to 6 are a mess, frankly.

It would be very useful to at least have the option to re-flow the whole layout, so I instead end up with something more like this:

A manually re-flowed set of the same stickies; now the bottom row reads 5 6 7 8, right-to-left, with the arrows all neat and tidy


Obviously, a lot of users are just going to be using auto-layout to impose order on disordered stickies, like in this great GIF from Facilitator School’s article on Sticky Tricks:


But some of us are routinely working with snake-tracks of stickies from meeting notes and would like to be able to re-flow the layout without having to do so manually.

Any chance this could be considered a feature request and added to your backlog sometime, please? 🙂

(Apparently I can’t embed GIFs in a post; this is the link to the GIF that’s missing from just after the link to Facilitator School: