Automatically reduce the resolution of images over 32 megapixels.

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It would be an nice time-saver to have a popup that reduces the resolution of the image and adds to the board if you select yes/ok?

Currently, we are doing this manually in Photoshop.  Anything to automate the process would be appreciated.

I agree, I think this would be a great feature.

very much needed. a way to create proxy images on the fly to optimize the board

very much needed. a way to create proxy images on the fly to optimize the board

The most efficient solution we have found is to use Microsoft Power Toys Image Resizer to quickly resize images to drop onto the Miro Board.  Not ideal, but a decent solution.

Maybe there is a similar solution if you are on macOS.


Hi, one of my Miroboards with 100 pics is very very slow. I just need a feature to reduce the size of pics if they was not reduced. there is nothing else.. 

This would be so helpful...

Agreed. Our organisation has many image-heavy boards. An option like the iOS Mail app has when sending large messages might be helpful on import, e.g. for anything over 10mb.


Miro, think of the server space you’d save! This wishlist item has a tangible cost benefit… :grin:

That would be a very useful feature. I personally think that this 32 Mpix limit is still a way too high. Files with such a high resolution in real life scenarios occur very rarely. They usually come from super-high DPI exports from graphic editing software.

The real problem I have, is with high resolution smartphone photos that are imported directly to Miro. They are usually somwhere around 10-20 Mpix which is still far too much than what’s actually needed. People rarely know how to resize them (and rarely see a reason to do so). With couple dozens of these, the board may quicky become too heavy, and there is no way to quickly optimize that. What I’d love to have is s single click option to downsample selected images to something near 1-2Mpix directly in Miro. Most of instant messengers do it that way and noone really complains about it.

IMHO the image import behaviour shoud be 2 step:

  • Images above certain size should be downsampled automatically (let’s assume its 32Mpix)
  • There should be an option for manual downsampling of images to some optimum useful size (like 2Mpix)

Protip: Fast Stone Image Viewer is a very handy oldschool software that is completly free. I use it for basic photo manipulations and batch convert operations for years. Much faster than opening every image in PS.

Once you start using screenshots and images from all over, it starts to lag quite heavily.


An option to either optimize the whole document or to individually optimize (by downsampling) each image, because some need to be kept as is, would be very welcome. 

Bumping the thread because this is an essential feature. I shouldn’t need to think about server load or refresh time- Miro is for visual and spatial thinkers and images and intuitive file handling are almost the definitive features as far my use is concerned! 

We work with images all the time and this is a real issue. Yeah, surely Miro would love to allow users to scale images after the fact and they would save on sooo much server space and bandwidth. The suggestion from David above would make the most sense to me for sure.

The other option of course is to have better caching and streaming of Miro’s with large images because the speed of large image based Miro boards is pretty bad at times.

As Rob mentioned here,
something like the downsize plugin would be optimal to me for this problem.

Robs post:

This is an essential feature, I have the experience this problem everyday as I use Miro a lot to brainstorm and collect references. 

Same here! Would really like to be able to decrease the size of images that are already on a board, which is getting way to big.

i don’t have time to downres all my reference before adding them to the board.

Very frustrating experience when the board is slow like this, when presenting, etc


Might be a very important quality of life improvement

Hi, guys! Is there any progress with this feature? It is still so painfully needed.

Pleaseee Miro Pleaaaase :(

upvoted! its an important feature, boards get heavy specially when working from iOS

Hello Miro Developers!


Upvoting this topic, a very much needed opportunity in the next upgrade please.

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment about this feature. We understand the frustration and appreciate your patience. Our team is reviewing this idea as it continues to be open for votes and comments.


For those coming across this idea, if you feel this would be helpful for you or your business, please be sure to vote for it and leave a comment about your use case to help our team scope this request!

Thank you,

Miro Community Team

Yes, this is required. The worry about hitting an upper limit on the board is a reason not to start using FIgma

Common, 3 years already and this is still not a feature?

Me and my team we need to create a new board every month because it gets too slow when adding screenshots in the board, which we don’t need to be too sharp.

In a tool that is meant to be used heavily with pictures this feature is a must. I don’t understand why is not considered.