Add support for creating radar/polar/spider charts

Radar charts (aka polar, spider, or spiderweb charts) are a powerful tool for visually comparing things according to a number of different common variables - e.g. the strengths & weaknesses of different members of your team, competitor or product analysis, etc.

But alas Miro does not provide a way to create them, so another tool (e.g. Excel, Google Sheets, etc) is needed to generate the chart to paste into Miro, and then if the underlying data changes you need to do it all over again.

Please add native support to generate such charts from a table of values to Miro.

Here’s a good guide to how to use them, etc

See also a previous expression of interest for adding support to Miro at

To save a click and illustrate the concept, here’s the image posted in the original query/thread


And another 


That would be insanely helpful!