Why do updates though the REST API trigger a "connection restored" message when viewing the board in a browser?

  • 24 November 2020
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I am in the process of updating and testing an app which updates boards though the REST API. 

While doing this I’ve noticed a change in behaviour from the last time this app was used. Making a call to the ‘update widget’ (https://developers.miro.com/reference#update-board-widgets) endpoint results in a “connection restored” pop-up in a browser watching the board being updated. This behaviour is also reproduced using the ‘Try-it’ button in the API documentation, and has been seen with both Firefox and Chrome.

This is a issue as it results in the board becoming temporarily unresponsive. This change appears to have happened in the last 3 months as it was working well the last time the app in question was tested.

Any help or advice on how to fix or work around this behaviour would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like more details please let me know.

2 replies

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Hello Ben,


I have tried to reproduce this issue by updating the text in a STICKER widget using the REST API (through the “Try it” button), but I do not see the “connection restored” message in the board. Does this happen with a specific type of widget? Or updating specific fields?

Please let us know.

Kind regards.



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Thanks for the quick reply. I’m updating the text in a (rectangular) shape widget. I can confirm that q quick test shows other widgets don't seem to have the same behaviour, so that should provide a good workaround or alternative approach for now.

Anyway, I’ll do some more testing later with other widgets and add another message here to let you know how it goes.