Using enterSelectWidgetsMode multiple times makes the Object Menu move to the right

  • 4 January 2023
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My app calls the V1 enterSelectWidgetsMode Miro SDK function. The first time the function is called it works as expected but the second time and each time after that the Object menu moves further to the right.



5 replies

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Hey @Bentley Davis thanks for raising this, can definitely see what you’re referring to here.

I will raise this with the team to see if it’s something we might be able to address — however, because it’s a deprecated method (v1), I’m not certain if it’s something we will be able to fully address.

That said, I understand there’s no equivalent method in V2, so let me raise it and get back to you. Thanks again for pointing it out.


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Will, This started happening on an app we wrote before V2 was out. If the fix is done in V2 then that would require we completely re-write an app to work around a bug that was introduced recently. The goal would be to have V1 corrected to the way it has always worked. If V1 can not be made to work the way it was working then we will need to add a notification to our customers to re-fresh the app after each use due to a bug that Miro introduced that we cannot work around. Re-writing an app of this size will require months of time. It is in out list but it is impossible to do in a reasonable amount of time.

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Thanks for the context @Bentley Davis

I’ve raised this with the SDK team and will let you know what they say!

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We received messages that this was fixed but our testing has shown it was not fixed.

(Messages from Raul Vallejo to Max Harper over slack and another from Klaus is Support to Sean Cox on support ticket RTB-146442)

The menu still moves when the function enterSelectWidgetsMode() is called and completed more than one time. Each time after the first the menu moves over the width of the sidebar. 

Here is a photo from just now of it not working. 

Here is a video from yesterday showing it not working.

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Hey @Bentley Davis,

Thanks a lot for raising it. Our Product team has re-opened this item with one of our cross-functional engineering teams and they’re looking into it once again. We will follow up here as shortly!