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  • 31 August 2021
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I noticed the two C4 Model plugins that took part inthe plugin competition. Any chance you will add support for C4 modeling to the standard product?

Thank you!

5 replies

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@Andrzej Zalewski  
I believe you’re talking about the ‘templates’ as opposed to plugins (3rd party apps). 

What would Miro support for C4 modeling look like?  New visual components..? New functionality?

I would be very much looking for C4 support in Miro.

@Max Harper 
There is a youtube video with an overview of a plugin (or app) functionality:

(video is in russian, but english autotranslate is fine).


I like being able to declare the shapes in text form and check it into git.  I used to generate a png but it would be nice if miro had not only the shape template but the ability to roundtrip the declarative format using a plugin.

Is the C4 Model support still under consideration?  It would be useful if we could drag and drop or draw the C4 components directly onto boards rather than using templates.