Adding scrollbars to left panel (openPanel)

  • 15 March 2023
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Hello. I am not a developer, but have enough past experience to fuddle my way through some things.

I got the Drag and Drop example Web SDK 2.0 app up and running at Glitch.

Now what I am trying to do, is add scrollbars to panel as some of the images are cutoff/not visible:

All of the code I am using is here:

And I have been looking for information on adding a scrollbar here:

But I also understand that this may be something that should be obvious to a developer and is not unique/worth documenting in the Miro Developer Platform documentation.

Any help is appreciated!

3 replies

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Tried a few things in the meantime and got it to work :)


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And now updated it to the following, so I only get the scrollbars if they are needed:

overflow: auto;

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Hey Robert,


Awesome news, glad to hear you were able to make it work, and even improve it by adding the automation of the scrollbar to appear when necessary.


Feel free to address any other questions as well once you got those - we’ll be happy to provide our assistance when possible! Otherwise, good luck on your development journey :)