Video chat: Unable to view all participants

  • 1 April 2020
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Hi @Marina, given the times that are living in and with everyone working remote, could you make some recommendation for the video chat features. 

Currently, the video conf stacks in one column, with what appears no option to choose who I want to see. Is there a better solution to A)see everyone and b)select the user that I want to view?

Thank you in advance.

8 replies

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Hey, @Dave McCoy

Thanks for reaching out! We know about these inconveniences with the Video Chat and we are already working on the solution. Stay tuned! 

Hi @Marina ,


is there already a solution? We have the same problem as Dave McCoy. We want to do a Workshop tomorrow and the video-function (see everyone) is very important. 


kind regards,

Alexandra Krolla

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Hi @Alexandra Krolla and @Dave McCoy,

The good news! We implemented a slider - now you can slide videos and see who is on the call.

Is it more convenient now? Does it solve your problem? We will be happy to hear your feedback :hugging:

Hi @Marina,

Currently, I am only able to view 2 videos at any one time while on a video chat. I have to use the arrows/ buttons to click and see the video of others. Interestingly, some of my colleagues can see 3 or 4 videos at a time. I have tried the web version and the App but both gives me the same result. Am I missing out something here.

Many thanks.

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To add to the mix, it would be great if video chat would automatically switch to the person that’s talking. I currently can see up to 4 people in a video chat at any one time but I have to choose which 4 I want to see. Not ideal when facilitating a large meeting. 


Any plans to implement this soon?

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Hi @Doss Panneerselvam, it might depend on the size of the screen. If you still have this question, you might want to submit a support ticket.

Hi @Ayman Kaouri, sounds like a good feature request. Feel free to pitch your idea in the Wish List :relaxed: Make sure to describe your use case. More tips are in this helpful guide 

Hello - I’m experiencing same problem. I am trying to facilitate but only able to see 2 people at a time using the app. I’m using a large curved monitor screen. Colleagues are able to see more people on their screen (only ever used with 4 people but will need to have up to 12 in future). I can see that the conversation above is 2 years old now. Is there any progress or assistance available?


Any updates on this setting I would like to group video chats in any specific order.