Restore a Deleted Board

  • 3 April 2020
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How can I restore my board? 


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Efrain - 

Did you export a board backup or alternately create a template from the board? If yes, then it is relatively easy to bring it back to a specific state.


Thank you @Kiron Bondale, No, I did not… a message appeared on the screen which said: the board was deleted… 

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Have you checked the Trash can in the bottom left of the dashboard views as boards are retained for 30 days (?) after being deleted?



I don’t have this option!!! 


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Hmmm - are you on the Free plan? That might be a limitation of that plan :frowning2:

I can not buy a plan if I don’t have all the information and test the options. I would like to buy the Business plan but I have doubts about what is “users” mean… I sent a message to have a clarification, but I had not received any comments, could you please help me 


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I’m not sure about the Business plan - for that the Miro sales staff should be able to help. We are on a Consultant plan which has been sufficient for our needs as we have subscribed to sufficient full user accounts for our core staff and are using day passes for our clients when they need to collaborate with us.

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Hi Efrain,

same to me like Kiron said:
The best for my needs is the Consultant plan.

“Users” is every single user who uses your board with editor rights and more - maybe this will help you: 

beside the information you can get out of the pricing site:

So you can invite as a user with Consultant plan always someone to view and comment your board. If you make this person to an editor of your board or more you can use a day pass for the client


Hey @Efrain Leguia,

You can restore the board if you have the URL to it. Please, find more information in the article -

Hope that helps!