My invited user cannot see the Team

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I have invited one of my users to the team I created. She received the invite email and accepted the invite but still cannot see the team.

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@Masood Sarkar -

When she logs into Miro, what does she see in her Miro dashboard? Are there a number of team icons visible in the left toolbar?


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Well, in Miro admin it shows that she hasn’t accepted the invitation but she insist she did. I will have to ask her again. 

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@Masood Sarkar - For at least the Free, Education, and Team Plan teams, you can go to your Team profile settings -> Active/users page and use the Invite new members action to directly add the person to your team using their Miro account profile email address - this method does not require them to accept an invitation:

As long as they already have a registered Miro account using the email address you entered, and if you have a paid team you also have paid seats available, then they will now be member of your team.

When they sign into Miro next, they will see this team appear on the left-hand vertical bar in their Miro dashboard - for example, my Miro account profile is a member of ten teams:

To switch between teams, I just click on the icon.