Missing sharing setting: Permissions -> Adding visitor name ...

i am working on a consultant plan and would like to have the possibility to add guest names if board is public and shard via link (without pw).

I found the very helpful workaround from Robert. Thx for that!

Now a friend of mine showed me the following settings.

i cant find this possibility in my account. I have only the permission setting “copy board content”, the second topic is missing. Any ideas what tio do?




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@VolkerH - Thanks for the shout-out re the workaround!

The Adding guest names feature is still in beta. Miro does not give timelines for release of beta features as they are subject to change. Hopefully it won’t be much longer!

I would suggest subscribing to the following changelog channels:

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Has this rolled out system-wide yet?  I am working today as part of someone else’s education team, and we can’t figure out how to turn this on.

  • Has it been rolled out to all accounts, including education?
  • If so, is there a backend setting that needs to be adjusted before it’s visible?
  • Is its presence dependent on who is the team admin vs. who owns the board vs. who is just a team member?
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@Kim Roth Howe - I’ll admin that I am lost in the all of the new/beta features that are in flight.

@Vlada - Are you able to update us as to the status of the visitor-renaming feature that is appearing on some users accounts, e.g., which plan types it will be available on and when?

I can see this feature on my Consultant Plan and a Team Plan that I am a member of, but not in the Education Plan - perhaps it is not available on the Education Plan? I don’t see any mention of this in the Collaboration with visitors Help Center article.

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Hi @Robert Johnson 

Currently, the visitor-renaming feature is not generally available on all Miro accounts. However, users can get it as a part of Smart meetings on Education and paid plans. To get beta access to Smart meetings, one can use this link. To learn more, please visit this article.

i was very pleased to discover the function in a team I am invited to, that visitors can be asked to enter a name via the access link. 
I found the setting under my friends account (education account): sharing settings -> permissions.
Unfortunately i do not find this setting on my own boards (education account too).
Please help :-)


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@Oliver Zimmermann - Not everyone will have this as it is still in beta:



when using a miro board i’m able to start smart meeting, but i’m not able to set permissions to add visitor names. I thought that this setting was part of the smart meeting beta tools. If I can use smart meeting, I should also be able to use the setting for visitor names, right?

thanks, Oliver


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@Oliver Zimmermann 

i’m not able to set permissions to add visitor names

Seeing as you can start a meeting, you are the owner or co-owner, so you should also be able to allow visitor names.

Have you followed the steps on how to allow visitor names in the board Sharing settings → Permissions?

The steps are in the following help center article:


Open a board's Share menu and switch to Sharing settings. In the drop-down under Adding visitor names if the board is public, select Visitors can add their names.


Thanks for answering fast.
Unfortunately, I can't activate the setting on any of my boards because it's not shown to me. I have an Education Account, but I only see the two setting options, shown in the attached image. I had assumed that I was not invited to the smart meeting beta team, but the smart meeting is shown to me. 

If I move my board to the team of my colleague who invited me to his team, the third option is immediately displayed and I can allow the visitor names (see second attached image). When I move the board back to my team, this setting disappears immediately.

I suspect there is a bug with my account. But I don't know who to inform and how.  


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@Oliver Zimmermann - Because these features are still in beta, this could very well be a glitch that needs to be worked out.

I would suggest using the "Send feedback" action at the bottom of the Meetings side panel to alert the product team about this - they do monitor this feedback.

You can also report this to the support team - I believe there is a category of other/feedback in the support form, which can be found by searching for "contact form" in the following article:

(In both forms of feedback, I would suggest including a link to this post where you have included screenshots)



Thank you for the tips. I will contact the support team. 
Miro is a great tool and the setting is very important for my work, because I can't see the names of the students and above all I don't know which student has done what 😏