Miro is not working at all for me

  • 18 June 2024
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Hi all!

When I log in, I am getting a pop up to create a team, but when I type in name and submit it I am just getting this


I can't delete account either because settings page is just blank.

Tried in Brave and Chrome with same result. Mobile app tells me "No account available” and asks me to create an account from desktop.

Does anybody know what can I do about it? Thanks.


Best answer by Robert Johnson 19 June 2024, 03:46

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5 replies

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@Nekronavt - Does going to this URL directly get you to the profile settings page, where the “Delete my profile” link should be at the bottom?

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@Robert Johnson - thanks for the answer but nope, it gives me same empty page as if I go there via menu button :(

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@Nekronavt - Let’s see if we can force you past your current state. I just added you to a Free Plan team called “Free 2 team”.

Can you get to your profile page now and delete your profile?

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@Robert Johnson it worked! I was able to delete my account, register it again and all seems to be working now! Thank you four your help :)

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Sweet! Cheers from Saskatchewan! /=S=/