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  • 7 August 2020
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I would like to be able to provide a link to guest users (or registered users outside of my organisation) which points to a particular custom template. When the link is clicked, a new board should be created, with the contents of the custom template added.

I can see this behaviour within the templates section of the Miro website, with the ‘Use Template’ buttons:

How can I recreate this behaviour? Is it possible?


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6 replies

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@Andrew Couling -

This is not possible AFAIK, but a workaround is to share a backup of the board used to create the custom template. Then, all users have to do is to restore the board assuming they are on a paid Miro plan. Yes, it’s not as easy as a one step operation, but it is only 2 steps (log into the Miro dashboard, restore the board).


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Thanks @Kiron Bondale

I’m looking at producing a set of cards, each containing a overview of a design thinking / agile tool, which can be used in workshops. The idea was to have a QR code on each card, which could be scanned with a smart phone, taking the user to a fresh Miro custom template, ready for completion.


Is there a way to move this post to the ‘Wish List’ area of the forum?

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@Andrew Couling -

I don’t know of a way to convert a question into a wish list topic, but here are the directions on adding a new wish list item: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know 🌠 | Miro

My one concern with this idea is that having a simple link to create a new board from an existing template automatically might result in a lot of “garbage” boards being generated that someone would have to clean up afterwards.


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I Have same idea. 
I would propose a public Template that  i’ve create and  use full for a workshop.(Create A DOD)
Indeed I found the idea to share à board backup, but  only paid user can use it

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Hi @Andrew Couling,

Thank you for taking the time share your feedback in the Community about public sharing links for custom templates and for reiterating it in the wishlist. The wishlist helps our support and product teams track interest for this feature so I really appreciate it.

@Kiron Bondale has written an indepth overview in his community post 7 ways to provide someone with a copy of a board you own. I'd recommend taking a look at it.

This isn’t a public link but perhaps relevant none the less, we’ve just released sharing links for templates as a quick and secure way to direct users to specific templates within your team’s natural workflow. 


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Links to customer templates for people outside of your team/organisation are a MUST

Providing them with RTB backup files they need to upload instead of a one click automatic creation from a template is not an acceptable solution.