Interactive Miro on Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) with touchscreen front-of-room display?

  • 9 February 2024
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Is there a recommended way to interactively share a Miro board in a space that has a Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) A/V setup that includes a touchscreen monitor as a front-of-room display?

I’m able to Share a Miro board in a Teams meeting, and can show that Board on an MTR, but even with a touchscreen display on the MTR I am not able to interact with the Board.

(If sharing a Microsoft Whiteboard with an MTR, on the other hand, if shown on a touchscreen display then users in the room can edit the shared Whiteboard using their fingers or a stylus, and those changes are reflected in participants’ view of the Whiteboard. Using a Microsoft Surface Hub has a different experience, too, but since those are being converted to be MTRs by default in latest releases perhaps this will be a concern on those devices as well?)

Thanks for any help you can offer!



1 reply

Now that it’s clear that the latest/future Surface Hub devices will run in Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) mode OS, this seems more important for these kinds of devices. 

  • Surface Hub 3 and Surface Hub 2S with hardware upgrade module run in MTR mode by default, and cannot be downgraded to Windows 10 Team OS. (They might be able to be changed to Windows 11 Enterprise to run them as a PC, but I’m not sure...)
  • Surface Hub 2S can also be software-updated to be able to run MTR OS.

Neither of the two modes above seem to have the capability to run Miro interactively. I don’t have such devices, though, so I can’t test this… Can anyone else confirm this? 

Other modes:

  • Surface Hub 2S without hardware upgrade module or software update can continue to run in Windows 10 Team OS, and can run Miro interactively via the browser. I believe this OS will be out-of-support sometime in 2025, though, so there’s a drop-dead date for this mode.
  • Surface Hub 1 cannot be upgraded, so it can continue to do what it is currently doing.