How to see who has access to a board?

  • 11 January 2023
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Hi there,

I was wondering how I can see which board those people have actually access to?

I cannot find where it shows? I have a team plan. It’s only me being admin and member.

All others were invited via board link or Email to the according boards.

Thanks in advance for your feedback, best regards, Cerstin.

1 reply

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@Cerstin Hannestad -

As far as I know, only the Enterprise plan has audit logs which might contain this type of info. Other than that, it may be possible to develop an app using the Miro API which can do this but I’m not aware of any “out of the box” functionality to do so.

If it is just one or a few boards, the simplest approach would be to review the Share and the Sharing settings dialogs for each of those boards.