How to access Miro boards offline in Airplane Mode?

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@Jens Hein 

what is the point of the desktop app without this at all?

A few reasons:

  • Miro will not be impacted by any installed browser extensions.
  • you can do all of your web browsing in the browser without impacting your Miro experience, e.g., many of us have multiple browser tabs/site open which eventually leads to everything slowing down.
  • There can be more Miro screen real estate - I always have my bookmarks bar exposed in Chrome, which isn’t present in the Miro desktop app.

Preparing for my first 11 hour flight since I adopted Miro for both, group collaboration and personal scrap booking. The lack of an offline mode really sucks. Already upvoted the wishlist item, and I hope it can get done soon.

This is a must-have. Please help to implement this.