How to access Miro boards offline in Airplane Mode?

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Thank you for your respond, but this is not a solution, this could be on your radar if you can look on this from another perspective, do a better brainstorm with your team. One of the solution here is to make timeline container, which would be appeared there when the person will go online, in this situation nothing will be broken, and people could see and choose which stage to implement from this timeline(history) than “publish to the board” 

How to explain, this feature will make your product complete, now this require some workaround, using other apps to do preparation work when there no connection. 

You’ve done enormous work to make your product almost perfect. But this feature will bring this to the next level. Please higher the priority to this feature and you will see that this will be very useful for people.




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Miro development team:

Please consider how to make an offline mode work.  I understand the difficulty of managing changes made by team members real-time while one is making changes offline.  How to compare, approve, and overwrite what may have been done while a user was offline is not going to be easy but is a needed feature.


Statement by Miro (posted on 05/06/2020):

Offline mode

Since Miro relies on the vision of a seamless cloud solution for online collaboration, the tool's offline mode is currently not on our radar.

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Totally agree here, offline mode is definitely needed! And yes, it is important feature! Hope to see this soon.