How do I mute "what's new"?

  • 9 November 2020
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Day four!

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Day five of responding till you can mute what’s new :) 

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@Sam Pottash - While I appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm, I also don’t want to replace Miro new update notifications with notifications from this post :wink:

For those who wish to join me in unsubscribing from email notifications, you can unsubscribe using the star located under the original post:


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@Stefano - The Mark all as read should stop the popups:


And if you need to get back to the popup to use the Mark all as read option, you can:

  1. open the Guide:
  2. and selecting What’s new:

That should get you back to the popup with the Mark all as read option.

The irony: I just got an email notification from Miro that there’s been activity in this thread, but when I follow the link, I find that nothing (apparently) has happened. 🤦

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Day six !! :(

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This didn’t work for me. I clicked the Mark all as read button a week or so ago. Today when I opened Miro I saw the What’s New pop up again. It’s really annoying and slows me down.

You likely saw two popups as there have been two different What’s-new posts in the past week - one last Tuesday:

And a new item this Monday:


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@Aaron Katz -

I don’t believe there’s any way to permanently disable those popups, but I wanted to clarify whether you were getting more than a single one? As far as I know, there is usually a single dialog box with the details of the update and once you’ve dismissed it you shouldn’t see that again. 


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Today I noticed a blue bar at the top of my Miro board mentioning something about videos and with a button/link to see whats new.  I instinctively dismissed it before realizing that this was a much more minimal and less intrusive version of “what’s new” than the old modal, so I didn’t get a screenshot.

I’d like to again extend my thanks for making this experience less intrusive.

When I think of Miro today, I think of the collaborative diagramming tool that lets me link parts of my diagram to other documentation and internal systems.  I no longer think of the thing that throws popups at me.

Thank you <3

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Thanks for your detailed answer @Aaron Katz , noted!

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@Aaron Katz - There is a known bug that started about two weeks ago. Subscribe to this post to be updated when I get an update from the Miro support team:

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I thought I’d come back and say that I feel I’ve experienced a reduction in the number of pop-ups.  It could be that I’m using Miro more often so the same pop-up frequency affects a lower proportion of visits, or the popups might actually be less frequent in general.

I’d still prefer a setting, and I still immediately close them without ever reading them, but the popups aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when I think “Miro” anymore.

So if there’s been a change, thank you for it.