Getting 404 error when clicking embedded shared link of Miro board

  • 25 January 2021
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I have made a Miro board with iFrame embedded links of shared Miro boards.  When I first made such board, I can access to the shared Miro boards by clicking iFrame embedded links.  But after rebooting the board and click on the link, I got 404 error.  

Are there any advice on solving this problem? I appreciate your help. 

2 replies

I don’t have a solution but I have experienced the same issue: Link embedded yesterday. Opened the board again today: didn’t work, 404 error.


BUT: When you right-click and use “copy link”, insert it in the browser, it is the correct link and still works - so the link itself didn’t change. That’s at least a workaround..

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It seems it’s a general problem. Any pasted link into a Miro board works at the first time. After reloading, the URL is wrong. After clicking on “source”, the sign “=” in the URL gets encoded into "=", which leads to a 404 error. I’m speaking of these kinds of links:

Links where “=” will be encoded into "="

Link was pasted in Windows 10 (Chrome and Firefox). Problem occurs in other OSes and browsers, too.