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  • 2 June 2020
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I have a Miro board that has all of the details on cards within the board. How can I export the details that are part of Cards to a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet? All that I get in an export is the summary view of the card.

I need to archive the boards on a weekly basis but without the detail on the cards the export to a PDF is not useful. The board backup functionality won’t work for our purpose - we need to be able to share the details with people who won’t have access to our board and we don’t want to restore a backup in order to view past information.

Thanks for any help you can give!


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@AHoffman -

Looks like this would be an enhancement request as the export of a single card or all the cards in a work board does not give you the detailed text but rather only the assignee, due date, story and tags.

There is a wish list topic here: