Cant copy and paste between two boards on different accounts

  • 22 January 2021
  • 3 replies

Hi I am trying to copy and paste some of the material from one board on my work Miro account to my personal Miro account and the material will show up for 1 second and then just disappear. Has this happened to other people and what can I do ?

3 replies

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@Delphine - There was a similar report 10 days ago and the poster was directed to contact Miro support, however they never reported back as to what happened.

@Venky_nk - Was your issue resolved?

Are you by chance seeing the following message at the top of your screen when you try to paste the objects?

Even if you are not seeing that message, what could be happening is that the source board’s content copy permissions are set so that only team members or the board owner can copy the board content and the above warning is not showing up for you.

I would suggest checking the source board’s content permissions under Share → Sharing settings → Permissions. More on this here.

If that doesn’t work for you, please reach out to the Miro Customer Support team directly by creating a ticket via this special form.

It would also be helpful for the rest of the community if you were to come back here and share what the Support team told you.

@Robert Johnson  No the issue is not yet resolved.  I am a bit fed up reaching out to Miro support. They are pathetic in responding to the support requests. It could take weeks to get one response. 

@Delphine it is happening to me as well. I haven't found an answer yet.