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  • 22 November 2020
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I am currently on a free plan and I own a board and member of 2 other boards. The board I own is also shared with 23 other users.  I am planning to  upgrade the account to a consultant plan and would like to keep it only one seat to begin with. So, the MIRO is asking me to remove the 23 active users to make it one seater consultant plan.  

I tried everything I know from MIRO support to remove, but I don’t see any option to remove the 23 active users. I tried going to Team management under the Setting menu, and don’t see the option.  I am getting really irritated with the complexity of the user management with the users even before starting the subscription.  What I am missing?


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@Venky - From your dashboard,

  1. Click on the team settings/gear icon:
  2. This will take you to your Team profile page - now click on Active users:


  3. From here, for each user you can use the ellipsis menu to Delete from team:


Thanks @Robert Johnson . I tried that and I don’t see those 3 dots. Please see the attached screen shot. By the way, I am the board owner as well. 



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@Venky - You are likely not seeing the three dots because you are a team Member and not a Team Admin and only the Team Admin can delete others from the Free Plan team.

A quick note before I continue. You mention being a board owner - this has nothing to do with your role on the team, i.e., team Member vs Team Admin.

If you do want to proceed with removing all 23 users so that you can upgrade the plan to a Consultant Plan, then you are going to either

  1. have your team role changed to Team Admin, so you delete all members/users from the team; or
  2. ask all 23 members to Leave the team.

Let’s assume you’re going with option # 1.

You will need to look through the list of Active users, find whomever is the Team Admin, ask them to change your roll to Team Admin:


And then then Delete everyone from the team:


If both of these options won’t work for you, then you could also Leave the current Free Plan team yourself and create a Consultant Plan, however, your board will remain behind in the Free Plan team. You could then have someone invite you back to the Free Plan team, Duplicate your old board, and then use the Move to account option to move the duplicated version to your Consultant Plan:

However, if you are unable to be made the Team Admin to remove everyone and don’t feel comfortable Leaving your currently Free Plan team and therefore your board behind, then I would suggest that you go back to support and explain that you are not a Team Admin and want to keep a copy of your current board. You could also include a link to this post in your reply to support.

Thanks @Robert Johnson . I understood now. Earlier my understanding was “Board Owner” is like a super admin, which is not the case. 

I went back and saw that I am not the team member and I also requested the team admin to give me the admin rights.  I can remove the members. However, as of now we are 2 team admins(including myself). 

My new question is, after removing those 23 members, I will update it to the consultant plan. Later, if one of the team admins adds additional members back,  would it affect my paid plan,as  I am still the admin to one of these teams?



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@Venky -

Correct, as soon as “full access” members are added to a team, you will end up having to pay for them. The only free alternatives are to add them as “named” users with viewer or commenter access OR to use the anonymous guest editor access method.


Ok. Basically, I need to ensure that I need to have complete control over the boards. That is I need to expel all the Team admins so that they don’t add people :-) 

This is going to be a bit of pain.  

Another question, if I buy the consultant plan, can I move this old board to a new board?  Instead of trying to expel the other team admins, I might create a separate board and buy a consultant plan. Later, I can move the old board to the new one. Any thoughts?

Looks like, as long as I am a member of some board, I can’t update my account. Is my understanding correct? I need to exit all boards to update the plan and start from scratch.


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@Venky -

If you want to move the board to a different plan, the simplest approach if you are the board owner in the old account is to download a backup of it (an RTB file will be created) and then restore that backup to your new account.


Thanks @Kiron Bondale . All your responses have been very helpful to me. 

I still feel that, I might be missing something more. I have been invited by various people as a team member for various projects.When I login, I see all these boards that I am a member of.  I was able to get out of one of the boards by relinquhing the membership. But now I am left with another 6 boards where I am a member. When I tried upgrading to consultant plan, MIRO is once again asking me to buy the plan for all the members in those boards.   What am I missing here?  Does that mean that, I can’t be a member of any board that others invite me?  Does that mean that when I buy a consultant plan, I can only invite others but no others can invite me?