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  • 31 May 2023
  • 3 replies

Hi everyone.

A faced with problem that do my work with MIRO terrible.

I have the ernomus size of titles and symbols

Ctrl+ “-” doesn’t work.

How I can decrease the symbol?

3 replies

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@Luliya - It looks like you are either viewing Miro on a really small display or boards that are embedded in another interface (website, application, e.g., MS Teams/Confluence/etc.). 

Here is post I wrote on the topic →

If your Miro instance is embedded, I would suggest opening from a browser. Of, if you are on a tablet and viewing Miro through a browser, you would try the Miro tablet app.

Or if Luliya is using a browser, it could be her “zoom” level is too high. When I increase my zoom in Chrome, those labels become huge compared to the Miro screen itself:


Robert Johnson Thanks for the reply. I use browser.

Kenneth Ritley Thank you very much for the help! It works :)