Article: Missing a number of board tools and actions due to small screen size or low screen resolution

  • 25 June 2022
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I am writing this post as there has been an uptick in users thinking they were missing apps or controls were disappearing. Here’s an example:


This behaviour should be expected when your Miro board is being displayed in a way that there is just not enough space for all of the controls - some examples of this include:

  • a small physical display + low resolution, e.g., 13-inch laptop with a resolution set to 1024×576
  • a larger physical display, but still set to a very low resolution
  •  your browser/Miro desktop app window is not full maximized.
    • For example, here is what happens if I have Miro opened in a browser on my 14-inch monitor at 1920 x 1080 resolution AND I don’t have the browser windows fully maximized to fill the screen:


Embedded Boards

This may also happen with embedded board – viewing boards through MS Teams, Confluence pages, Google Meet, etc.


Browser Zoom greater than 100%

Another thing to check is your browser zoom level is at 100%:


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