Allow Google Image search for visitors

  • 17 September 2023
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While I understand the commercial reasons behind why Miro wants to “encourage” everyone to sign up for an account, the last changes that now restrict visitors tool sets are not ideal for us as a training provider. We have chosen Miro as our primary platform exactly because it was very open to allow us to have visitors without any restrictions and more importantly without constantly nagging them to sign up. 

We’ve even moved from a consultant to an Enterprise plan and so far have several thousands of boards for courses we’ve delivered. 

The problem we have now, is that some exercises we run rely on Google Image search which is not available anymore. I know the workaround of going to a new tab, searching and copying and pasting. We had to painfully walk through that when Google Image search was down last year. 

Please allow us choose the tools we need for our visitors - especially on the Enterprise plan. 


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