404 error Segment of type `User` is not found!

  • 12 November 2023
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I've been using Miro for years, and I really love this platform.

Today, I encountered my first issue: I cannot access one specific board. I don't see any errors in the dev tool nor the network section on the board page. The error I encounter is when I enter the dashboard.



GET https://miro.com/api/v1/segments/BUSINESS_UPSELL_FREE_TEAMS/teams/3074457358175405577

Error message is Segment of type <User> is not found!


Despite knowing that other boards work as expected, I tried turning off every extension and using my phone to access the board, but no luck so far.


Has anyone encountered this error? I want to send them a ticket but because im an unpaid user so I’m not allowed to :’(


Thank you in advance!

1 reply

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I duplicated the board and could access the copied version to solve the issue.