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  • 22 February 2021
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One way I try to use Miro is to embed any powerpoints and other platforms I may be presenting from into Miro and then navigating participations/audience members throughout different parts of the board. This minimizes the number of platforms I need to transition between as well as enables me to facilitate multiple functions through one platform with participants (e.g. presenting and brainstorming). 

In a recent presentation, I’d really like to embed a word cloud into the board for participants to respond to and populate in real time but noticed this integration hasn’t been developed yet, so adding it here as a wishlist item! I read up on the thread about ‘wordle type word clouds,’ and what I’m looking for isn’t to embed the word cloud after the fact and after the results are ready, but having the blank word cloud embedded and as participants respond it will show up within the word cloud in the board. Thanks!

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