Reset a board a specified state

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I use Miro for - among other things - workshops where people move things around, add stickies, vote on things etc. Now I would love to be able to reset a board to a specified starting state, as that would make it possible to serve many groups in a row without cumbersome workarounds. 

The most basic version of this that I can imagine - which would still serve my purposes splendidly - would be a toggle to decide if this feature is to be used and two buttons: save and reset. The Save button saves the present state to memory and the Reset button collects the saved state from memory, thereby removing any change that has been made to the board.

A more advanced version could for example offer more than one saved state. That would make it possible for one board to be used to mimic a journey or process where participants get to play through the steps from A to B (where the A state is saved to memory) and even if they don’t quite make it to B they can still continue from B to C, cause the B state has also been saved and can easily be recalled. 

Other features that would be nice but not required for an MVP is dates and notes for a saved state. It could also be useful to decide who can use the reset feature and maybe even which users of a board that are able to see it. 

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I have a similar situation. Would like to reuse the same board if possible.

I’m hopping that the “save board as template” (beneath the “arrow leaving a box” icon next to the board’s name) will allow me to establish my “reset state.” Though I’ll need to create a new board with it.

We use miro for our daily stand-up board with a stage, where each team member is dragged to the virtual stage to give their update. Would be great to hit reset at the end of every day rather than having to move all stickies back manually.

The easiest is to use the FRAME option. Use it as a select tool then press delete. Even with busy boards it takes 3 clicks to clean it all up. Refresh the board and ...voilà!