Increase column limit for grids

  • 20 October 2020
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I would really appreciate if the maximum number of columns in grids was increased. 

I need this for a pull planning session where I need to plan many weeks a head.


8 replies

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As a scrum master, during planning sessions I want to keep track of the number of story points in an iteration. I split my iterations into swimlanes depending on groups of stories. 

I would love (!!) it if there were some way of keeping track of a count of story points, but this would mean configuring post its to include a number of some description (which I miagine would not work)…

So - I was thinking that if the grid tool were to have the option to add a “number” column” with a Total footer, that would be really cool. We could put in a number (counted from the postits) and this could be totalled at the bottom in a total value in the footer.


I too would like to see the maximum number of columns in grids increased. 

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@Martin Holøymoen -

A workaround would be to duplicate one 15x15 grid and keep it side-by-side with the original one. That way, it’d have the same formatting…


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Indeed, that is the workaround I`m currently using, @Kiron Bondale. The problem is that I do a weekly update of the plan. Often I have to adjust e.g. hight of the rows in the grid. When I do this, it must be done for all the grids that I`ve put side-by-side. It`s not very efficient. 


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MVP basic arithmetic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division between grid cells.  Sum total.

Nice to have:  average, greatest, count, etc.

Very useful as we are using Miro for the capacity planning board.


This item is very similar, but about increasing row limit.

Perhaps they should be merged and the votes aggregated, as they’re both really about cell limits.

Jeez, I unexpectedly ran into the column limit when mapping out a complex service blue print. This impacts the usefulness of tables/grids significantly. I vote for NO LIMITS!

An infinite board should have an infinite table, no?