Create a project copy (within and between accounts)

  • 11 December 2020
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Provide the ability to duplicate a project with all related boards within the same team and between teams

5 replies

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YES PLEASE!!  It is brutal to manually duplicate a project for each time we teach a class!!!  Please add this feature!!

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Plus for this functionality 


For me, rather than duplicating a project where students have already interacted with the board, which means you would have to erase all their contributions, I would be more interested to have the possibility to create x copies of a Master Board

duplicate and move projects between boards - upvote


Ideally, I wish Miro could develop a function such as the Google documents add on, Doctopus, which allows to duplicate a Master template which is associated with a csv file with a roster. Doctopus manages the sharing parameters allowing to distribute a different file to each individual or group.

this 2-minute video presents the add-on: