Controlling Access to Content (Frame Level) within a Miro Board?

  • 1 July 2021
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I’m working with a team member that wants to control access at the frame level for one of his Miro boards. He has about 26 different groups of people and would prefer not to have to create 26 separate boards when basically the groups are using the same basic template and it would be far cleaner if he could control which frames people could view and edit (i.e. team members and guest editors) and in some cases just view (i.e. management). Having to keep track of 26 boards creates a more complicated situation, sure it can be done but not nearly as convenient if we could control Frame-Level access.

1 reply

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I would go a step further and suggest this feature could be:

  • User-level object permissions/ownership


  • Public object - object has no ownership permissions
  • Private object - a board participant owns it
  • Hidden object - the object owner toggled OFF visibility
  • Owner - the user who made an object private

Some rules around this could be:

  • Any public objects that are dragged into a “container” type objects (e.g., Frames, User Story Maps, Kanban, and Tables) would inherit the container object’s permissions - if the person moving the public object into the private object was not the owner, they would be prompted to proceed.
  • The owner of a private object could set the object to
    • view-only for everyone else, i.e., it can only be modified by the owner.
    • hidden - they could toggle its visibility to ON/OFF.
  • Any public objects grouped with objects that were private would inherit the private objects permissions.
  • The board owner can override any of this.
  • Guests can’t make objects private (now I’m just dictating).