Allow more than 8 tags per item

  • 12 January 2021
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Please allow tagging of items (e.g., stickies) with more than 8 tags.  

Use Case:

I’m doing user research and have been using tags to indicate which customers cited an issue. I interviewed more than 8 customers. 




2 replies

I can relate to the problem Moll_Joy is indicating. This is definitely on the top of my wish list as well.

The abstract

It would be great to be able to add more than 8 tags to a sticker or card in order to clusterize around more than 8 tags.

The problem:

I am looking for a way to clusterize a large amount of projects around a large amount of involved organisations. Often there are more than 8 involved organisations in a project. Right now I cannot add more than 8 tags to a sticker or card.

The (possible) soluiton:

Allow more than 8 tags to be added to a sticker or card.


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Exactly the same use case scenario for me - only solution is using the text in the sticky as a workaround. 

Limit reached for tags on a sticky note