🎉 New Apps in Miro Marketplace - June 2022

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New apps & integrations in Miro

Introducing our new series highlighting new apps and integrations in the Miro Marketplace, where you can learn more about the Miro partners and developers building awesome things for the Miro community.

Try the newest apps & integrations on Miro Marketplace:

  • Glowbl: Share any of your Miro boards or create a new one in Glowbl.

  • Smartsheet: Export stickies from Miro to rows in Smartsheet.

  • GtmHub: Draft OKRs in Miro, then convert them to cards synced with GtmHub.

  • Airtable: Export Miro data (e.g. stickies) and organize it in Airtable.

  • ClickUp: Bring ClickUp tasks directly into Miro as cards, and convert back to ClickUp.

  • Unito: Connect Miro cards with tasks in Asana, Trello, Jira or others in a 2 way sync.

  • PowerPack: Power tool combinations in Miro.

Visit the Miro Marketplace to explore all apps and integrations. Not seeing an app or integration you want? Feel free to submit it to our app wishlist.


Want to build your own app? Get started on the Miro Developer portal.

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@Kristina Terziyska - FYI: With the exception of Glowbl, these apps were already announced as being new in May.




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@Robert Johnson It says in the May blog post that they were added to Marketplace, but maybe they were launched in June? 😉

Just kidding, it's indeed a bit redundant.

Ok, so I guess the Clickup integration is fairly new according to this message? I'm new to Miro and saw the Clickup integration and wanted to try it, but somehow it's impossible to login to clickup via Miro (web: firefox, chrome + windows app) while permission is set into clickup...Is this integration supposed to be for paid plans, or… please help. Would really like to use the two apps together.

Permission in Clickup
Login fail