Miro block for Airtable is here

  • 1 April 2020
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Now you can create or update a Miro board directly within an Airtable base. Get the integration to combine the benefits of both tools and help your team manage shared projects from idea to implementation in a single place.


If you want to build your custom integration or embed Miro into your software - check out Miro API.

Also, come back here to the Developer Forum to discuss your projects with your peers :wink:

3 replies

Is there a practical use case or example to showcase the benefits of this integration? 



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Hello @Natalie Nedre 
I installed Airtable app.

How can I link Airtable board with Miro?

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@Julien - From reading the Miro Airtable app and Help Center article documentation, the app allows you to embed Miro boards into Airtable bases and not the other way around - as per the Airtable Help Center article:


If you wish to embed an Airtable object a Miro board, I would suggest that you refer to the following Airtable Support article: