Bring meetings to life with Miro and Teams 💡

  • 13 September 2021
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Hello, Miro Community!

:tada: Today we are thrilled to share the launch of our new Miro for Teams meeting experience. Now, users of Microsoft Teams will be able to launch Miro boards during live meetings and co-create in real time. This feature will help teams build together, create new ideas, and continue the collaboration before, during, and after any meeting.

:heart:  Hear from our Miro’s Strategic Partnerships Lead, Molly Fehr as she shares what this integration means for the Miro Community.


Here’s how you can bring Miro into your Teams ecosystem:

Miro for Teams Meetings integration
Launch an existing or new Miro board during any Teams meeting to allow your team to create, brainstorm, and ideate together in real time.

Miro for Teams Calendar integration
Embed a Miro board into any Teams calendar invitation, set permissions, and give access to your collaborators before the meeting.

Custom Miro tab
Embed any Miro board as a new tab in Teams, so you and your collaborators can interact, make updates and work together async at any time.

Miro Notifications bot
Receive notifications from activity on your Miro boards in Teams to stay informed on feedback, reviews, and other important actions. Track notifications in the Miro chat feed.


:question:  Need help? Read more about getting the most out of the Miro app for Teams meetings in our Help Center. To access Miro’s app, admin might need to approve & enable Miro for Microsoft Teams for your team’s account, which you can read about in our Admin Guide.

We can’t wait to see how you use Miro and Teams to turn your meetings into powerful collaborative sessions!

2 replies

Hi, I’m tryng to figure out if it is only the meeting organizer who can start to share an existing miroboard that is added to the meeting invitation? It seemed like this, when I used it in a meeting with clients and I (as the meeting organizer) was the only one who had the “Share” button when we clicked the miro app on the toolbar. I ask because it would be great if it is possible to also add miro as an app in breakout rooms so that participants can easily share and work together in a prepared miroboard without the meeting organizer being present.  


I’ve described an issue with this I’ve found here:

Miro isn’t useable because of the issues described. You can’t use timers, or any of the other apps inside Miro while using inside Teams. This is fine for meetings with only entering some data or moving things around, but more serious sessions require the voting, timers, etc. Any word on when this can be addressed? I’m really excited to share this with my company but I need to hold off until it functions properly. Thanks.