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  • 19 February 2020
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Hi everyone👋We’re looking into extending our product  template library, and realised we don’t have many templates that help facilitate team meetings & workshops. If there are any great templates that you use with your team and would love to see in Miro, let us know! 

3 replies

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I’m not sure if you have this capability but I’d like to build a Card template to use within a Kanban board. Today, I can create a card template to add anywhere but I need one that is specific to the Kanban board.

We ask team members to add cards to the Kanban board but when they click the + to add a card, it’s a zero/blank state. When they click the + sign, I’d like to display a templated card. This way, everyone on the team will have a standard set of information to fill in the description.

For example, we want every card to include stakeholder names, goals, target due dates, etc. Sometimes, people forget what they need to add to the card. It would be very helpful if we could list out what information we need from them within the card. Right now, we are going back into the cards and updating them with the additional information needed (which is no fun). 


Template card example within the Kanban board


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Hi Rebecca, we currently don’t have this functionality. I’m working with the team that’s developing and maintaining Miro Cards – I passed your feedback on to them and they added it to their backlog. Thank you!

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Hi @Lena Shenkarenko ,

If you’re looking to see how the Miro community uses Miro for workshops you find a number of them in Miroverse, the new community template gallery. There’s an entire category dedicated to Meetings and Workshops

A few favorites of mine: Xero’s Service Blueprint Workshop, AJ&Smart’s Lightning Decision Jam, Maira’s Workshop and Meeting Energizers, and everything created by Hyper Island