Who loves this new Auto-Layout tool as much as me?

  • 5 June 2020
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This little widget blue handle for auto-layout-distribute is awesome!!  Send my appreciation to the team behind this feature!  Thank you. 

Align + distribute flow between horizontal or vertical ( like a transpose ). YES!!!   

I have faced this layout challenge so often!!!   

In fact just earlier this week with a client I needed this … and had I had this tool I could have demo’d something on the spot, but without it I had to stop the flow of thought, put a pin in the exploration and say “I’ll reorganize these horizontally and get back to you.”   HA!   Bravo Miro!   Keep it up.  






2 replies

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YES!  Thank you so much @Max Harper ! I was wondering what the heck this was and knew I’d find out when I came to the community. This makes life so much easier, and now I can obsess more about making my boards look good :smiley:

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Lol yes, woot woot! :laughing: