When Starting a New Project, What Causes the Most Friction?

  • 19 February 2020
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Recently, I’ve been exploring some of the major anxieties that startup companies have. Now, I am led to the question that I think a lot of us have answers to…


When starting a new project, what causes the most friction?


I’m in the tech industry (mobile apps), which means things keep changing and keeping up with new devices and software makes my job harder. On the other hand, it is the reason I have a job and I love what I do! More specifically, I use Miro to keep organized when I need to manage a change in app logic or update software from one version to the next.


But some teams in my office don’t want to use Miro! Which can cause FRICTION!

6 replies

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When my company switched from physical boards with stickies to Miro, it was mandatory if you wanted to know what was going on. And once we introduced it and some of the great features, some people wanted to use it for other purposes than project centerlines.

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@Monica Twa so in that case, it made things difficult when introducing a new platform to get work done. Yes?

    In a way… “Hey everyone! Look at this great way we can do things!”

    Then everyone says, “Oh wow, I’m also going to do this, and this, and this, and this.”

    Now we are all a little lost and out of focus. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Do I understand that correctly?

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@Kyle.C - sort of. We’ve limited access by only having select people be team members who can edit. The rest can only view boards. But if they want to use Miro - usually for brainstorming, they pull in a project manager to work our magic :smiley:


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This might not be the best answer to this, but something which has bothered me a lot is the screen size I am working on. The usability of Miro just changes drastically when I have a bigger screen to work on. Smaller screen acts as a friction to me. 

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@Arjav technology is often a source of friction, even though it is designed to make our lives easier. You make a good point as it relates to starting projects within Miro. Out of curiosity, what is your preferred screen size when starting a project? 15” screen? 20”? 40”!!?? :laughing:


Sometimes for me it begins mobile and then I finish on desktop :grin:

I think the biggest friction  when starting a project. is how do you make correct descriptions of each task. I often find, that the most important thing is to name property what you are trying to do. so titles above any task or group of task is quite important.
it has helped me a lot to clear it, some trainings about making workflow chart. The instructor insisted that when you write down a process, it is good to use a verb and a noun.

for example if you are make a task related to Leasings.
Promote Property is better description than Promoting  as a title.

Yes most of the tools are really easy to use now to quickly put any idea on a board, a sheet, a canvas, or whatever. the real problem starts when you don’t have a start like...what is your title about this thing you are doing? (and i dont mean the file name). 

So when you start seeing slowdowns, just go back, and question yourself the Heading you put...most of the times it will you very clear answer if you are in the correct path, or you are out of the scope.