Using Miro as central information hub?

  • 12 April 2023
  • 3 replies

Hey there, I'm looking for any best practice how to use Miro as a central information hub for a team of around 40 people within an organization. The hub should be the go-to-place for the team, where they find information, content, all they need to do their daily jobs. 

Any experiences around similar projects? 



3 replies

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Hi @Sebastian Becker. What type of information? E.g., links, documents (what type), graphics/images, diagrams?

I think what we are envisioning here is a “dashboard” type of experience. I’m also interested in this. It occured to me that Miro offers pretty light weight board organization capabilities, and that using a Miro board to manage all the Miro boards (one Miro board to rule them all) might be an option. I’m sure I’m not the first to think of that, so I’m lurking...

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@Sebastian Becker & @Erin Cloney -

Like any information management exercise, getting the requirements from your stakeholders and coming up with a design which will meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs is the first step.

Two things to consider which would result in greater or lesser segmentation of the content are:

  • Are there access control restrictions - for example, one team or department shouldn’t be able to see content from a different team or department? Same question, but from an editing perspective, should anyone be able to edit any content?
  • How large is the content in terms of raw size and number of objects? 

The simplest approach is just one large board broken up into frames containing content related to different topics. That approach won’t address access control needs and will become slow performing as the size of the board increases.

From there, you could look at separate boards with a “table of contents” board (Erin, your “one board to rule them all” idea), or teams with separate boards.