Trick: Easily create thumbnails to distinguish your board

  • 15 December 2020
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I have way too many board with the default logo. It was hard to find anything. I tried selecting the remarkable area of the board so that I could visually see it. But that was also not great.

Then I found out how to "craft" them. I recorded a small how-to in case you want to do that, too. (I couldn't embed the video for some reason)

In short it is:

  1. put an emoji on the board
  2. click on the title of the board
  3. click "select preview area"
  4. zoom in on your emoji
  5. hit done

As soon as you refresh your dashboard, your board will be updated.




step 3: click "select preview area"
step 4: zoom in on your art


Refresh your dashboard and your thumbnail should be updated


3 replies

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Thanks for sharing, @rico!

Indeed, a very powerful trick :wink:

This is a great idea! Thanks for this!

I did learn that it is important to use the emojis built in to Miro. If you try to use the ones native to Mac OS (by pressing control + command + space), you will end up with a blurry thumbnail even if you use the largest font size for that emoji. 

This was a big help, thank you for sharing