Org Chart best practices

  • 24 November 2021
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I am finding the Org Chart template lacking. I want to have a few layers at the top (not just one oval that the mind map limits you to). I think I am just going to use regular rectangles and lines. Does anyone have a better approach to making complex multi layer org charts?

3 replies

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@RobOK :

I recommend two things:

  1. Searching in the template section in miro itself with the word org chart:

    You will get 55 results:
  2. Searching in the miroverse:

You’ll find different topics - just try them and see what kind of output there is:






I am sure you will find one … or you place an example of what you like to build and I am sure there is someone who will help you …

Just give it a try or post your ideal org chart you like to see.


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Thanks Michael. I am a “search first” kind of person. I did search in Miro itself, and while it “says” there are 55 only the first two are Org Charts, I tried them both (and frankly the one labeled “new” is just the old one with more nodes) and that was what I was referring to when I said I found it lacking. In the Miroverse i found only one example of Org Chart that used “cards” which I don’t prefer as much.

I appreciate pointing to references, but I did check them first and was thus asking how other people did them.

I will try to post my end product without names in the Miroverse.

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@RobOK :

Two further ideas:

  • There is an APP in the miro marketplace Smart Diagrams - where you can find a lot of already created work:



Second Idea:

  • Competitor examples
    Searching for good examples in competitor applications and looking if there is a way to create them in miro

    Sometimes it is possible and sometimes you will find out that the other app works faster better

    Although I would be happy if everything is possible in miro - sometimes it is not - so I stay with my old other app … but I’m using miro for most of my work