Miroverse Monday: Mountains, Races, Team Purpose and More!

  • 7 September 2021
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Hi everyone :yellow_heart:


Welcome to the fist Miroverse Monday this September :raised_hands:


This week we have 8 new templates to add to the Miroverse collection :heart_eyes:


:postal_horn:  Playful Workshop: Mountain Theme by mct was created to make online collaboration using a virtual board more appealing, fun, and playful, Niko Niko Team Calendar by Daniela Felser helps you and your team to find out more about each other's happiness, and Kaizen Race - Retro Game by Felipe Cholla was designed to promote a fun environment during the continuous improvement sessions.

Playful Workshop: Mountain Theme
Kaizen Race - Retro Game

:crystal_ball:  Team Purpose Workshop by @Daria Rudnik will help you run a 2,5 - 3 hours session with your team and discover your WHY. 

:gem:  Design Critique Playground by @Mimi offers a workshop template that supports teams to collect constructive feedback on design and improve the quality of solution.

Part of Design Critique Playground

:postal_horn:  Memorable Experience Framework by Audree Lapierre helps product teams consider the well-being and delight of their users when ideating on new features. 

:bulb:Collaborative Modelling by  Laurent Lévêque aims to help you align visions between the UX designer(s) and the backend team, and the value relies in the dialogue that will take place between them.

Collaborative Modelling

:dizzy:Crowd Sourced Cause and Effect by NEXT LEVEL Partners  is highly diverse tool and can be used to visualize and problem solve across a wide variety of issues. 


Let us know what you think in the comments, submit your own template to Miroverse & stay tuned for more next week!

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