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Hello :hand_splayed:

I’m Naiana and I’m Product Manager/Owner currently living in Dublin - Ireland but originally from Brazil. 

I love Miro, and use it every day for work and personal things, doing so for many years. Mostly of our product discovery activities are held in Miro as it is easy to share and perform tasks collaboratively. I work in a company called Workhuman, our team members are split between Dublin, Belarus and Boston. So remote work is part of our daily lives, and Miro makes it a lot easier.

Glad to be part of this community and share experiences :relaxed:

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Hello there, my name is Chris. I’ve tried Wrike, Asana, Weekdone, Trello, ZenKit, Monday, Base Camp… I think all of them actually, but none of them spoke to me except Mio. For years now this app has been everything for my business. There is nothing like it (which is also why I keep emailing y’all about how a normal fan can invest pre-ipo :sunglasses: ).

I own the #1 No Gi Jiu Jitsu brand in the USA. We do more for the Jiu Jitsu industry than any other brand combined. (I could go off on that but I won’t get carried away here.)

I use Miro as my mission control. It’s where the vision occurs, where big picture strategy occurs. Now if only I can figure out how to create repeating assigned tasks in the app I’ll be a happy fella:thinking: .

Nice work on creating an outstanding app visual people.:fist:


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Hi Everyone!!!


My name is Calvin CK Goh from Malaysia. I’m in training business and coming in miro to build more experiential element for my workshop 

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Hi all:

My name’s Brian Royce and I am new to Miro, but not new to process mapping. I have quite a bit of experience in Visio, and love the ease of use and collaboration functionality in Miro. I look forward to collaborating and sharing knowledge and use cases with all of you. 

My company, Birch And Oak is located in NH, USA and we build digital workspaces using a no code tech stack, which Miro is now an important part of.

In my spare time I have a recording studio and produce rap beats and tracks. If you have any questions or just want to chat about knowledge management, project management, company wiki’s or rap music (haha) hit me up! :sunglasses:


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Hi, I’m Agustin from Uruguay, living in Perú. I´m an Agile Consultant and trainer and use Miro both to brainstorm ideas with my clients and facilitate my workshops.


You can check my Linkedin profile here. Happy to collaborate with all of you!


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Hello, My name is Fred,

I work at the isle of Texel in the netherlands. I am looking forward to collaborating more efficiently with my colleagues through Miro.


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Hello Friends,


I’m Bianca, Interior Designer, Miro Hero wanna be!  I’ve been using Miro for design thinking and to host brainstorming sessions and workshops.  I’m quickly learning that I can use it for so much more.


Nice to meet you all!:information_desk_person_tone3:

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Hi, I’m Beth, a Business Systems Analyst in the :flag_gb:

I stumbled upon Miro from someone within our Marketing Dept, and introduced it to our IT Team about a year ago. 

I L-O-V-E the product.  It genuinely has changed so much of how I work, it has allowed me to be a lot more fluid and creative with my thinking (and brain-dumping it all into visuals) to providing true collaboration in meetings, allowing my stakeholders to have real perception of my ideas and analysis.

I rave about it to anyone who will listen and have to convince them I don’t get commission :laughing:

I intend to learn more about features and templates I haven’t used as much and look forward to growing more with the tool.

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Hi everyone! TLDR; I’m Tristan and currently a product manager in cloud computing! Looking forward to connecting, learning and contributing! Feel free to connect with me here:grin:


👋🏾 I’m a native New Yorker born and raised of Jamaican descent. I'm a proud son of immigrants. I got my drive from my father who is a mechanical engineer and my mother who holds a PhD in library science. Mediocrity is not in my DNA. I pride myself on being a forward thinker, driven, and optimistic.

📈 I’m experienced in data analysis, cloud computing, product management, and operations management. Graduated from SUNY Old Westbury with a major in Psychology and Computer Science. I guess you can say I always wanted to know how computers worked. Both the biological one and the mechanical.

👨🏾‍💻 I am super passionate about product management. I’m a gamer so I gamify the problem finding/solving and reap the reward of customer satisfaction. Product management is all about empathizing with your users, identifying opportunities, and collaborating with others. I’m always searching for new challenges and ways to level up. Never settle.

🎥 I am a film buff, Sneakerhead, FinTech junkie, NFT Minter, Web3 evangelist, YouTube enthusiast and e-sports investor. For fun, I enjoy community organizing, traveling, whisky, DJ’ing, creating content, and reading. Let's connect!

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My name is Puk, and I’m a Change Manager at The Copenhagen Metro and Light Rail Company. :wave_tone2:


We just started a new project manager education internally and want to use Miro in all our projects, regardless of them being agile og classic waterfall. We do see a lot to win in collaborating in a digital project room, and I’m here to help my colleagues get started and learn how to use Miro in their projects.


Looking forward to jump on the Miro experience :wink:

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I’m a professional facilitator, founder and member of FORM_ATTIVA (  a project which focuses on the theme of non-violent communication and teamwork through some of the most innovative techniques of involvement, participation and mediation, as well as building consensus. FORM_ATTIVA offers advice to increase the effectiveness of working groups in business, school and academic environments and in public administrations through the identification of processes aimed at improving the quality of human relations and addressing the conflicts that these spontaneously generate, to activate the collective intelligence in the analysis of problems and in the search for solutions. I like so much to use Miro in my work group

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Hi everyone - I'm Ben and live in Melbourne, Australia. Have had quite the  journey with Miro over the past couple of years as it rapidly became the primary tool for my consulting / coaching work.

I'm excited by it’s potential and the ecosystem of thinkers/designers/practitioners emerging around it. 

Describing exactly what I do in letters and words is a continual struggle (😆) current version runs something along the lines of helping organisations and teams make sense of who they are and their strategy, innovate and communicate with the world.

I love the creative process of exploring ideas, crafting narratives and discovering / experiencing / creating 🎵 

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Hello All,

I am Mukesh Singh from Nepal, i have recently joined this community and my chapter is Kathmandu.

I am currently working with COTIVITI Nepal, as Senior Engineering Manager. I am Management 3.0 Facilitator, Certified Agile Leadership (CAL-I) , SAFe Practitioner (SP), SAFe certified Architect and Certified Scrum Master.
I am an Agile practitioner, extensive experience since 15+ years of building high performance team-based organizations with unique blend of business and technical expertise, enabling credibility with teams and leadership.

A Digital Transformation Lead who had seamlessly converged technology, processes and delivery methods for successfully transforming organizations to achieve their Digital transformation goals.

Experienced working with large multi-national/multi cultural organization based in nepal and renowned institute as well as worked with dozens of Silicon Valley’s startup product and services companies. 

Special interests

  • Management3.0 facilitator
  • Agile Coaching, Training, Facilitation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Startup
  • Startup Agile and
  • Community Building

Few community associations

  • AgileNepal
  • ACE Kathmandu
  • Management 3.0 Nepal
  • Miro Kathmandu Chapter
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Greetings from Rochester, NY

My name is Antonio and I’m the founder/owner of Tiny Fish Printing . We print all sorts of apparel and help companies with their merch stores (Shopify). 

I’ve been using Miro to map our our production floor, material flow and team member roles. I’m just getting starting but I’m looking forward to learning from everyone. 


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Hi I’m Kiron - 


I’m a project management & agile instructor and have spent most of my past week and a half shifting the course exercises we normally deliver in person to Miro. I’m very impressed with the flexibility and richness of widgets, tools and apps - it will make transitioning to virtual delivery of our courses much easier than I was expecting!



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Hi, everyone!

I hope you’re all well. I’m Michael from Los Angeles, California! :sunny:

I’ve been part of the Customer Service team at events for Toynami for the past 7 years or so. I help support the team in taking care of its customers at the conventions where we exhibit throughout the year, most notably at San Diego Comic Con, but also WonderCon and DesignerCon in Anaheim as well!

I’m new to Miro and here to learn more about the product and all its capabilities!

I look forward to collaborating and learning with you, helping out where I can!

Wishing you the best,
Michael Sohn

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Hello, All:

I’m Rick Gill, an analytic methodologist, researcher and Canadian Army veteran currently living and working in Edmonton, Alberta, (AB) Canada.  I collaborate remotely with a colleague in Ottawa, Ontario (ON) on a range of investigative and other projects.  We first tried Slack and then settled on Basecamp as our online collaboration tool five years ago.

I’ve been a mind mapper since 2006, using a variety of tools.  As a “visual thinker” I began exploring online whiteboarding tools such as Miro and Stormboard late last year.  I’ve been learning about Miro over the last few months and just about to make the leap into Miro under “Consultant” as it best meets my particular needs. 

I’m really pleased to see the wide range of available templates in Miro, including the growing collection of community-contributed templates every time that I sign in.

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Hi everyone!:blush:

My name is Marie-Elisabeth I’m a freelancing graphic designer from Germany.

I use miro since around three years now, my teacher in highschool introduced it to our class. Last year I finished school and began to use miro not only for school, but also self organization via calenders.

But more importantly I use miro to organize workshops oriented around design thinking.

With my former teacher, I designed a Hackathon based on design thinking for students for classes in the 6th to the 13th year. My former school then did a one week long hackathon around the theme: “Our future school” with around 1400 students. The school had some money to invest, so the students even planned some green rooftops, solar panels and a new student café, mostly while using the miro template we created.

I am currently also trying to use miro for my free online Japanese course where I teach my mother japanese, to learn together on stream and later YouTube.

Additionaly, I use miro to make drafts of websites or organisate different projects and work groups, often in cooperation with my former teacher. I work for his company Educational Greenhouse.

Miro really plays an important role in my daily live and work, I love this tool! :heart_eyes:




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Hello Miro Humans!!!
I am JP, a not too young engineer (27 years old) but who cares about aging. Life is short no time to think on getting old. :)
My current position is Tech-Software-Enabler at Wallace Perimeter Security. 
This software solution is remarkable, I would describe it as a free unstructured dashboard for anything your mind can visualize.

Let’s rock the world with more productive communication tools.

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Hi I am Lara! I work at an advertising agency in NYC. Since COVID I have been using MIRO all the time to run internal and external workshops. 

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Hello, my name is Alan. I am fond of nature and evolution and I want to build an evolutionary tree. I wonder if anyone sees my post there are no signs of life. Here's my board


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Hello, it is so nice to read about everyone!

My name is Denise, and I am excited to be currently working as an Administrative Assistant/Junior Project Coordinator/Data analyst at Steris. I am looking forward to connecting here in this Forum!

I am new to this platform and am eager to learn as much as I can in order to better assist our Information Technology team with any questions they may have about using Miro!

When I’m not working at Steris, I'm better known as "The Love 💖Ambassador"!  I enjoy coaching my single and married clients around the globe on all things LOVE!

Oh, and I ABSOLUTELY adore spending time with my hubby and our beautiful God children, working out, cooking, or singing🎵 til my heart is content at churches and events around the globe! 


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Hi there. David Nour from Atlanta, GA in the southeastern US. I advise senior leadership/boards, research, am an adjunct professor at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University, and Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management, and have written ten books; working on #11 at the moment. I have a regular column in Forbes and Inc. and host a podcast, Curve Benders focused on my next book.

My life’s work has been focused on applications of strategic relationships in profitable growth, sustained innovation, and lasting change. I’ve captured those ideas in Relationship Economics (Wiley), and Co-Create (St. Martin’s Press), as well as the forthcoming Curve Benders, to name a few.

I’m originally from Iran, immigrated to the U.S. as a teenager with $100, limited family ties, and no fluency in English. Undergrad in management, grad school in strategy, two teenagers, two crazy dogs, married for 24 years, and ride motorcycles for fun (long-distance, and on tracks). Learn more about me and my work at


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G’day All

My name is Evelyn and I have a passion for Family History. I thought of using Miro to share my expertise.

This social-distancing is giving me ample time to sit down and learn something new, hence my wandering into the Miro Community. I am still trying to understand how I can best do this. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I am only on the free plan as all my spare money goes into genealogy costs.

Ways I have thought of using Miro

  1. Show my contacts how I arrived at my conclusions, that may differ from theirs.
  2. Brainstorming the proverbial Brick Wall. 
  3. Educating others so they too can enjoy knowing about their Family History.
  4. Showing that Family History is more than Genealogy

After 40 years of experiencing I think I have enough that I can share. Now it is just learning new skills, as much has changed in the way things are done.

Personally I live alone with a cat. Not my cat, my youngest daughter’s cat. The kitten she had to have but left home without it. The cat and I are best suited with each other. Rather narky at times but we come together when it suits for quiet moments of contemplation or watching TV. A couple of years ago I did a Diploma of Family History online through the University of Tasmania. The certificate hangs on the wall behind the door to show I do know something.

I live in Wanneroo Western Australia, which is a northern suburb of the capital Perth. At present and maybe at least for the next 6 months, the state is in lock down from physical contact with the rest of the world. Although that doesn’t make much difference, as Perth is titled the most isolated city in the world (google it). Other claims are: It is the windiest city in Australia. It is also considered to be the third windiest capital city in the world. Perth is also the sunniest city in Australia. We only have a maximum of 8 days a year where the sun doesn’t shine.

Thanks Marina for the Welcome

Cheers everyone

Stay Safe and Well

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Howdy howdy! My name is Kyle Chipman. I’m the Chief Process Officer at Chipman Design Architecture, a nationally licensed architecture and interior design firm. I’m moving from Chicago to Portland at the end of this month and could not be happier - clean air and gluten-free food :)

Miro has genuinely changed (and expanded) the way I think. Every complex project I’ve taken on, I’ve planned out first in Miro. No other platform moves at the speed  of thought quite like it.

I’m always down to share neat boards and better ideas in Miro. See you at the next V-MUG!

Kyle:  So glad you’re on your way to Portland - its been in the works for a while!  Good look with the move!  Annie