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Hi everyone & a “Moin” from Hamburg,

I am so happy to join the community around miro and the miroverse! 🖐 Hello! 

My name is Martin, I am located in Hamburg (Germany) and I am working in a boutique strategy consultancy called not yet normal. As a business strategist and innovation consultant, miro is an essential part of my daily life. I constantly develop new formats, methods and sprint designs - and also will be happy to share.

And I am totally excited to join the conversations here and get inspired by all you interesting people!

Nice to meet you!


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My name is Kristian and I help companies to understand and implement Digital Transformation. I hope this is a friendly open sharing community where people help each other to improve. You can explore more about me on
This is my pet, i foud him at the Biennale in Venezia. Great piece of art! (the girl is human size)


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Great DAY!!!!!!!!

My name is Ashley Shuler. I serve in various capacities - dependent on what hat I’m where, but one of my core gifts is the ability to organize people, processes, and outcomes.


As a Project Management Consultant, I partner with leaders and teams in the social impact, tech, service-provider, and creator’s economy industry to deliver high-quality programs and initiatives.


How do I best serve people?

  1. Training on project management workflows using ClickUp
  2. Training and Education on Project Management Foundations, Team Productivity, and Time Management 
  3. Serving as Fractional COO - Project Management as I work with project managers/implementors to jumpstart their Project Management ecosystem. 


I’m looking forward to grow in the Miro community to lead  PM workshops such as brainstorming sessions to lessons learned workshops, and project workflows.


I currently use Miro for my Youtube LIVE show: called Systems Lab LIVE. 


Connect with me here:






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Hi community.

I'm a consultant that uses Miro in my assignments at my clients. In that way we increase online collaboration and have great results. All my clients are adopting Miro as collaboration tool.


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Hello everyone,

My Name is Maria and I am a Program Manager for a BPO Company . For me, Miro has been essential to run and participate in product development strategies, retrospective sessions, roadmap building, user flows and more. I am still learning Miro as it has so many things you can leverage it for.

Looking forward to learn more about Miro capabilities !😎

I am based in Managua, Nicaragua and I have 3 dogs 🐕

Assistants :)

You can also find me in LinkedIn.

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Hey Awesome People :wave_tone1: ,

I’m Ramy Adel :flag_ye: , Product design lead @ Banque Misr. Previously was UX Chapter lead @ Vodafone Egypt. 
Recently joined forces with 2 design leads to create talks about sharing what is the real life of product designer in Egypt known as DESIGNxCairo

Fun fact: I’m a huge influencer/Promoter for Miro within my team/community as they begin to say that i got commission or getting paid from Miro :laughing: . but who doesn’t promote the benefits of collaboration using Miro in their daily work meetings, 

With Miro you’ll never be Zoomed out 
I’m excited to get to know you all so let’s connect on Linkedin!


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Well, I wouldn't let any opportunity to post pictures of my cat pass by, so I might as well sign up for Miro. 

I'm Lisette. Living and working in the Netherlands as a graphic facilitator for my own company 
I help visualize mission vision statements and company roadmaps and other stuff worth communicating but hard to grasp as text only. Like everyone nowadays I work mostly remote. I just discovered Miro and had my first client session 1 day later. So yeah, I love how intuitive Miro is! :heart_eyes:
Looking forward to get more experience with it. 
As I tend to draw a lot and have a Wacom Cintiq and an iPad pro I would love to see some pressure sensitivity in Miro's pen tool. That way I could graphic record while working with clients in Miro at the same time. That's not possible right now and I really miss that. Would be so nice to have people working on frame and me drawing on another frame. 

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¡Hola! Aquí Javi, desde Colombia.  

Ayudo a equipos y organizaciones a idear y crear soluciones rápidas para sus marcas, productos, servicios y experiencias a través de Design Sprint y técnicas ágiles de resolución de problemas, ideación, prototipado y decisión estratégica. Soy un "Brandista" y Emprendedor hace más de 15 años en PKL GROUP. 

Uso MIRO para trabajar con clientes y mi equipo 100% remoto. Sería fenomenal encontrar colaboraciones en español también. Éxitos para todos por aquí.

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Hello everyone!

I’m Andrej, a Product Owner and Consultant that focuses heavily on topics related to agility and product management. I think that the combination of both can create high value, regardless of the framework or system that will be used in the end.

I work for an Atlassian Platinum Partner called greenique and enjoy working with their technology and staff. Miro is in use internally and externally for all types of workshops, trainings and meetings. Whenever we need an interactive way of working, this has become the go-to tool and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

If you’re ever interested about any of these topics or would like to see how I handle workshops and miro boards, I’d be happy to share.

Now that you read through, enjoy your day and make it your best!

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Hey everyone,

I’m a full-time freelance growth marketer, mostly work in B2B and through Upwork.

Found Miro through a friend's recommendation and been in love since, I use it for mapping out marketing funnels, outreach messaging sequences, and just visually plotting marketing ideas and sequences for the team to see and execute on.

I’ve been a full-time freelancer for the past 3 years +  and prior to that I worked product marketing for government and served 5 years in the U.S. Military as an interrogator.

When I heard Miro launched a community, I knew it would be a great place to connect with thinkers, designers, and architects that I could learn from.

Fun fact about me:
I was a very competitive gamer on Starcraft and Starcraft 2 - I ranked top 50 in USA and won money from tournaments.

Love psyhcology, marketing, and human behavior - always happen to chat about it.

Thanks for reading and nice to meet you all 👋

WordCamp Miami 2020


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Hi there! :raised_hands:

My name is Kate, I am a Product Manager for Consultant Solution at Miro.
My interest lies in everything around collaboration with clients and workshop experience. I’d love to hear your feedback and stories about integrating Miro in your processes, feel free to talk to me :wink:

I've just posted some use-cases for working with clients in Miro and happy to know your collaboration hacks as well! Let's discuss! :nerd:


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Hello community and fellow facilitators, conversation designers, Miro fans 🙋‍♀️ 

Facilitation and workshops are my passion and my profession - I host a weekly podcast called ‘workshops work’ for which I have interviewed more than 150 guests on what it is that makes workshops work … And despite all these hours, I still enjoy geeking out on facilitation methods, techniques, group dynamics and facilitation mindset.

I host a facilitation community that we call NeverDoneBefore to explore the edges of our profession and craft, to play with what-ifs and who-migh-we, to support each other, grow and play together. 

In a nutshell, I believe that we can change the world, one workshop at a time 🚀 And if our world leaders would use tools like Miro and master facilitation skills as much as they master negotiation and rhetoric, this better world would be right around the corner.

In the meantime, the world needs us - facilitators! Together we can.

I am looking forward to meeting you and learning with and from you 

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Hi Miro Heroes! 

I’m Ruslan, currently based in Berlin working for a not-for-profit organization MitOst. A huge part of our work is conducting educational events, mostly connected with the topics of active citizenship, cultural exchange, work with youth, organizational development, and capacity building.

I love Miro. To be honest, can’t imagine my daily work without it any more. I’ve been using it quite intensively for the past year, and can only say Miro is a universal tool! I’ve done so many different things with help of Miro — from ordinary team meetings and product design sessions to virtual guided tours, storytelling events, and interactive workshops. I’m also using Miro for private occasions such as mood boarding and leisure activities with friends.

I’m happy to greet you all! Let’s learn together and inspire each other.

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Hi I’m Kula , a UX designer and consulting manager from Japan, happy to be here.

I’ve been using Miro for my personal projects as a UX designer for couples of years and I’m starting introducing Miro to my new consulting team recently.

There’s a lot of issues to solve before starting using Miro in a traditional Japanese company that I have to get the permission to use external cloud and sharing services and contact the salesmen to fix the purchase rule. But I’m sure everyone in the team will be happy with Miro!

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Hello friends, I know that the world is sometimes too small for us when we are so many and we come from so many parts of the planet, but at the same time it is great to join the global Internet highway and forums like these to share ideas, smiles and motivations. My name is Gianfranco Peña, I have been directing a digital media studio in Lima, Peru for some time and at the same time I am dedicated to providing advice on brand strategy for entrepreneurs and companies of all types and sizes.

Miro has essentially been one more arm in my process and has given me the opportunity to reduce the friction of many meetings, making the word meet synonymous with productivity and not boredom.

It will be a pleasure to meet the other members of the forum and of course, a virtual coffee never hurts. Nice to talk about brand, life, Game of Thrones hahaha, etc.


By the way, this is my website where I share some articles that you may be interested in. A hug to all from Peru.



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Hi All,

Dave Canyon here from Saugerties NY. (Saw-gur-tease) (New Yawk)

I’m a podcaster/youtuber part time and a full time truck driver.

My podcast is Dumbing it Down with Dave.

My Youtube channel is Dave’s Fit life

My “Production company” that produces these shows is  Point001 Productions.

I have a VA (virtual assistant) helping me with various aspects of the company.

I am looking to create a whiteboard for our planning/ strategy /marketing and more.

I can do it easily on a whiteboard and dry erase markers.

I want to transfer all my info from my whiteboard to MIRO.

But I've been having a hard time with MIRO but I don’t want to quit.

I also want to learn how to use MIRO LIVE on air for my podcast.

I think it can be a very useful feature.

I’m hoping someone can help me get started and create something fantastic.

My business card. I have a few hundred of these. Who wants one?

Thank you to all in advance.

Dave Canyon

My whiteboard. A work in progress. 

Shaky board = sloppy handwriting

My banner photo


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Hello there! My name is Todd. I live and work on the shores of Lake Michigan in northeastern Wisconsin. My work is all about enabling digital collaboration and communities. I am a solopreneur and my company is Clocktower Advisors

Hello, this is my home office!

How do I use Miro? I use it all the time with my clients for dialogue mapping during meetings, for brainstorming, and for workflows. It’s a flexible tool and fun to use.

You can connect with me here or via LinkedIn. I’m excited to be a part of the community!

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I'm Robyn, I'm an executive in the Video Games Industry with 20 years of experience and currently, I have pushed Lucidchart to its limits. So I'm currently evaluating Miro as an alternative which I hope will solve my problems. :-) 

I'm using Miro to create mockups for Video Games and Boardgames with a strong reliance on Google Sheet datasets imports and Pivot tables. I really hope Miro can solve my problems. 

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Hey Miro Hereos ! :vulcan:

I'm Julie, but more commonly known as Laflys, and I’m from France.

I'm a Ruby Addict coder who's leaving her great love for developing Miro plugins as virtual tabletop role-playing games. 

I've been using Miro for over a year and I love it for its freedom and sharing, both personally and professionally!

It took me a while to go through the community forum but I will be very happy to share with you!

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Hi everyone!

As you’ve probably guessed, my name is SK and I’m a former Mironeer who’s now committed to becoming a power user/champion/cheerleader.

I was with Miro for close to 3 years between 2018-2021 and have now ventured off into the world of consulting.  

Generally, I use Miro for data flow diagrams, documentation, training materials for Clients, and wireframes - my newest use case that I’m becoming obsessed with!

I’m super interested in learning from the rockstars of the community on building out some really cool boards that are aesthetically pleasing for data diagrams and generally other use cases that involve working with clients for technology implementation.  (psst if your org or an org you know is implementing Salesforce or needs some serious Salesforce overhaul work, check us out! ;)

Thanks!! :sunglasses:


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Hello I am Seyram from Ghana. I am a student teacher and recently did a semester international cause on empowering education in kp, København. It is my outmost wish to learn new and innovative ideas to teaching and also connect to the Miro community where I can also share ideas and experiences. I love to sing while I am alone 😊


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Howdy from Austin, Texas!

My name is Travis and I am a passionate Miro evangelist. My company Nautes builds innovation programs for enterprises. Prior to the global pandemic, the majority of our work was done with Post-it notes and Sharpies. At the end of last year, our largest client wanted to conduct their coaching academy remotely. I had my doubts but was up for the challenge. 

We used a combination of Miro and Microsoft teams and it was a huge success! The program was two weeks of workshops for 32 participants from Amsterdam to Singapore. Miro performed flawlessly and I was amazed by the interactivity it enabled. We were able to connect with a global audience and actually solve some of the biggest problems we were never able to address when hosting in-person events.

Miro is the perfect tool for integrating the best practices from lean manufacturing, design thinking, and agile development that we use in our methodology!

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Hi everyone! Im wan fadzil from Malaysia - any malaysians here btw? - retired from corporate work in Jan, now on a hiatus while i figure out the next steps in my journey.

Ive been doing management consulting the last 15 years or So , and the flip chart and Post It's have been my favorite tool.

Since I discovered MIRO, my online work has suddenly become engaging again and I spend a lot of time introducing it to people.

I'm looking forward to learn the many different ways everyone is using MIRO and I look forward to being able to share the little I know.

I am a Playfulness enthusiast, agile practitioner and a Lego Serious Play facilitator and I try to combine the best of these three worlds on the On line universe that is MIRO!

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 Hi there! My name is Sonia, i live in Madrid, Spain and im a freelancer expert in CX, Customer centricity and Cultural Change.

So good to be part of this community!

Thank you for taking me on



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Hi, I’m Kana from Japan working at Fujitsu, my team is in charge of vision planning for digital system especially in terms of CX. 

I started using Miro since last year to find out how to organize online workshop for in-house and clients, before COVID-19 pandemic we offered offline workshops. I love Miro, very powerful, easy to use, quick improvement. I’m so exciting to discover worldwide miro board designs:art: .


I’m so curious about vision planning, idea creation, using design thinking to make better life.

Amy Webb, she gave online lecture at the Fujitsu conference in February 2021, impressed me a lot, so I bought her book "Signal" published in 2017, few years before though.

If you know other good methods or interesting book as for vision planning, horizon scanning, scenario planning, backcasting, please let me know! :four_leaf_clover:

I love Fuji Kaze, musician in Japan!:musical_note: